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    I mainly have to vent for just a second. I'm currently, at this moment, at work. I'm an administrative secretary in a very busy special education office. Anyway, all of a sudden, I'm so very sleepy, uncoordinated, and even having difficulty typing this post and speaking totally clearly!!! I also have major "fog" at the moment. Nothing is really different today, I think I got the same amount of sleep last nite that's typical for me. I also posted another topic earlier about having more than usual eye floaters today and yesterday. So, I'm getting up my from desk as much as possible, as much as I'm able to, to keep from falling asleep! I feel like saying I'm sick and leaving, but I only have about an hour and a half left of work to go for the day. Just wanted to vent about it, and see if anyone else experiences this SUDDEN sleepiness, etc.
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    This happens to me a lot. Without warning, I hit the wall and have to sit or lay down immediately. Given that you're at work and can't lay down to rest, then getting up from your desk to do something else for a few minutes is a good strategy. Take good care,

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa