SO SO Tired of this pain!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hasbeen, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. Hasbeen

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    I'm not really new to the board. I've been offline awhile.
    I guess I just wanted to vent a little. Since you guys can understand me. I applied for SSD in March of 2001 and I still have not won. It's so dang frustrating. Everyone says don't give up. Well there's no reason to quit fighting them. My lawyer can't get anymore money than he would get if I didn't keep on. But he isn't quiting me. Of course I'm dirt poor now anyway. lol Got to laugh to keep from crying.
    This pain just gets to me though. You would think you could have one day that you could feel good. No such luck. My throat has been getting sore every night for 3 weeks. Seems like I have to go to the doctor for antibiotics every week. I haven't been this time though. Keep thinking it will get better. Doctors just think your nuts anyway. Well I"ll shut up for now. Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. Vicque

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    Just a short note to let you know I know how you feel. Venting is a good thing, especially when it seems no one in the world could care less. I do understand how the idiot DR.'s treat you like your nuts, but just remember, YOUR NOT!! I am about to embark on my journey for SSI after 12 years of nursing. I dread it, but know I have to. My prayers are with you tonight wherever you are. Peace...
  3. joannie1

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    I know how you feel with the SSD I have been fighting it since 2000. It is the most flusterating and discouraging thing I have ever experienced my entire life. They make you much worse then you already do. Cry your heart out with each denial ha.
    As for your Doctor please don't stay with a Doctor who makes you feel like crap. That is horrible, with this Disease you need someone that is caring and willing to listen and be compationate about what ever it is that you are going through. That is their job and that is why you pay them.
    Keep your chin up and don't give up.. Although i know how you feel because I am having to begin the process all over again and am so tired of it I don't know if I have the strength to fight the system again. But then I think I have to for my Hubby and my three children and for all of us to live and that is what you need to keep in mind also.
    A big soft Hug is being sent for support. I know how you feel. And vent as much as you need to that is why we are all here. To help one another through rough times.
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    Hi my name is sharon. It took me 3 yrs. I did alot of leg work. My attorney helps people with fibro.I got on the net and found out everything i could find about fibro. Do u know people with fibro commit suscide. copy and fine anthing u can. It well help educate you lawyer. It will help him alot espescially if doesnt know anything. I hope this helped u. Sharon
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    This is the most frustrating thing I have ever experienced in my whole life. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I got denied from SSD in November. My lawyer wasn't very helpful, nor did he really seem to care. I think it stinks! I have given up. I'm going to try this work thing again, only this time in a new profession. Maybe it will be just the thing for me, who knows! I don't even call the doc any more; I just wait for my monthly f/up and keep a running list.

    Vent any time. Lisa