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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dragon06, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    Oh I am so sore!!! I have been really bad for about a week. I have this one spot on my abdomen that just doesn't stop no matter what.
    I am taking more pain meds than I really want to and it just won't stop.
    I feel like all I ever do is complain to my family and I hate laying this on them, they put up with the fact I can't really do anything already.
    I just want it to stop dammit!

    Sorry I just needed to vent!
  2. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I too have been in tramendous pain for the last few months. I have 4 young kids and am at my wits end. Everything inside and out is soo tender & to top it off I get nasty daily migraines, and have had a doozy for about 10 days. I feel like I keep going in circles, just so that time goes by quicker, but oh my does it stand still when you're in pain! I'm in too much pain to say much, but wanted to let you know you're not alone. I would do anything for some time alone....I get small breaks, but I mean like 1-2 weeks in the woods not having to talk or deal with anyone!!! Take care and it did make me feel better to read your post knowing I'm not here alone in pain.
  3. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    I am so sorry that you are both feeling so badly. I know it must seem so unfair at your age to feel so sick and in pain all the time. Sometimes we have to let the people in our lives step in and help, even when it embarasses, or hurts our feelings. You just sometimes have to face the fact that you can't do things you once did and that you do need help. So ask for it.

    Dragon06: Where is the spot on your tummy? Don't you think you should go to a doctor? Are you running a fever?

    Abcanada:I looked at your profile, you have some gorgeous babies! I am sure it is a full time job for you to take care of them. I don't think I could do it. I have a 3 year old little girl, at home now. But at one time I did have five kids at home at once! The 3 year old girl we adopted last year! She is my little angel named Paige. So she made child number six for us, haha! But, we only have my 17 year old daughter and Paige at home now, the rest are grown and gone from the house.
    So I really can't see how you can take care of four little ones when you are hurting so badly, do you have any help?

    Take Care!
  4. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    Thank you for your concern.

    I have seen my doctor about the spot on my tummy and she has confirmed that it is nerve related pain. So basically the "nothing we can do about it" pain. Sigh

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