So stiff it feels like I'm choking

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LSLE, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. LSLE

    LSLE New Member

    I was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia awhile back and thought I could endure the every day stiff necks, sore backs, and general pain.

    Now I know I can't. I really feel like I'm being choked to death. I'm weak. Dizzy. Nauseated. It feels like I'm going to actually black out or explode from the intense pressure. I feel like I'm dying. Really, I'm not joking here. I rarely go to doctors, but made an appointment this week. I'm not sure I'll make it though!

    Is there a connection between an intense stiff neck (and back) and stroke? I can't believe I'll even live through the year, and I'm only 43!

    Can this actually kill a person? The "exploding sensation" is real. When I bend over to tie my shoes, I feel like my head just ballooned and the blood isn't flowing right.

    Could this be something else?
  2. Kalhock

    Kalhock New Member

    I also have a feeling of choking in my neck but not as bad as yours. It really is a horrible feeling. I think it would probably make you feel better if you new you weren't having a stroke. I don't think you are. I think axiety heightens every symptom we have. I hope you feel better. Have you tried a chiropracter? Maybe you are out of alignment. Take care
  3. LSLE

    LSLE New Member


    I have a horrible anxiety component as well. But, I'm really experiencing something physical and the feeling like I'm going to pop is really intense. Yes, it's a feeling, BUT I can feel my eyes bulging. Thanks for your feedback.

    I take ativan, which helps a bit, but only a bit.

    I've noticed that salty and spicy foods make things worse.

    I have slightly elevated blood pressure, but I'm thinking that I've got more serious BP problems than doctors are admitting (since they measure normal BP on a sliding "slightly elevated" BP might still be extremely dangerous).

    Oh well.
  4. LSLE

    LSLE New Member

    It was nice to get confirmation that I actually needed something for the pressure/pain! I was given samples for Skelaxin (800 mg) and told to take half a pill at night.

    Does anyone have any experience with this medication?

    I'm having some various tests tomorrow and my dr. also suggested I might be a candidate for non-steroidal injections in my upper back/neck to get my muscles to relax and stop the spasms and remove the horrible knots.

    Anyone experience this sort of therapy/treatment?
  5. Jillian40

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    The first thing I thought when you described your symptoms was high blood pressure. It's good you are on medication for this if it has been identified as a problem.

    When you went to the doc this last time, did he/she think the med level was ok?

    The second thing that comes to mind is your breathing. I know that when my back becomes especially tight I begin breathing really shallow. It feel like I'm starving for air. What I have to do is sit still and get really quiet, then begin doing deep breathing to get more oxygen in me. I must do this consciously quite often as my tight back makes it painful and prohibitive to breath deep on a more natural basis. Does this make sense to you too?

    If so and you think your upper back is especially tight, then you may want to consider either Physical Therapy or Chiropractic. Sometimes a chiro can do a heat / stim treatment on you and then if they have a massage therapist in their office, follow up with a massage after this treatment. It may only take one or two treatments to get your muscles to give up their tight "choking" hold.

    I take Skelaxin when my muscle spasms are especially unforgiving. (It's a muscle relaxer). I am able to tolerate it during the day as well. It's the Robaxin that I can tolerate only at night due to it's strength.

    Well, I sure hope you are able to resolve some of your tougher symptoms. You don't need to be miserable. There are ways to get more comfortable. Keep reaching out and be willing to experiment with some treatments.

    Warm Gentle Hugs,
  6. LSLE

    LSLE New Member

    My BP is around 110/70 (and I take a small dose of water pill--HCTZ), but it really seems to be related to my muscles wanting to knot up into tight balls. Glad to hear the Skelaxin works for folks. I HATE taking meds, and HATE side effects, but I'm willing to try just about anything now! Yes, the associated breathing problem is weird, but seems to be a panic attack brought on by the extreme muscle tightness. I have a few allergies, but they don't seem to be very severe.

    Thanks so much for your comments and feedback!

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