so tierd of PAIN,,,,,,,

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Ellie54, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Ellie54

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    hi, i know we all do go through this damn illness in more ways than one, but for god sakes, u get to d point that u think,, enough is ENOUGH,, i am so very tierd of living WITH pain from top tp toe, been going on since 2004 n as get older, am 54 now, more pain come along n all rhumo can say,, ahwell, it's just another sypmtopm of FM, i've tried everything u can think of, from a-z, but as was told on very first visit to rhumo back in 2004, he said, once FM sets in, u've had it,! n by heck how right he was, but just can't help anger that goes with pain, just HAD ENOUGH, tnx for yr time n reading this, take care all.

  2. jole

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    Hi Ellie. We all understand what you're saying, and have all had days of feeling like throwing in the towel. but something little and special will come along to make life all worthwhile again soon. I was having an especially bad day recently and my grandson came by with my daughter for a few minutes. He has the best hugs in the world, and that hug didn't cost a thing but sure brightened up my life for awhile.

    Just hang in there. We all care about you, and although things don't get easier, there are small bright spots you don't want to miss out on, I'm betting!!

    Friends - Jole
  3. springlakeorphan

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    Yes we all have pain, indeed. You say you've tried everything. How about a different doctor? Yours doesn't sound very sympathetic. Perhaps its time to see someone else. There are things that can help. Please don't give up and I will pray that you don't continue with all of this pain. Good luck and God bless sweetie! Mary
  4. Ellie54

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    hi all n tnx for yr replies, as for tens machine, as i also got Alodynia 'burning skin all over' but i tried that too n each time took it off it was like bit of skin was comin off, so rhumo said,DONT USE IT not for u!! as for differ doc, yes tried that2, but all say same thing, i think once we got FM stamp on us, they dont realy want to know anything n just put everything down to FM, i live with my 27 yr old daughter who also is my carer but she also works full time so whn shes at work then its me n 4walls n PAIN,2weeks b4 xmas i lost my dear dear sister to damn cancer, she still IS everything in my life apart from Katie, my daughter, n knowing that i wont b able to talk to her on phone, just hurts, still not accepted the fact that, well,, u know,,so she always b ' is' n never 'was'.
    as for damn pain just cant cope, each part of me just feel weaker n weaker due to pain each inute of day,am just fed up with it, worked all me life to be able to enjoy life with katie, n when i got to that point, all was taken away from me, NOT FAIR, anyway once again tnx for takin time n readin my postin n replyin, now got2 go n rest as nights n days are just full of pain n flare after flare, take care all.


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