So tired and sleepy tonight. I did not go to my Hydrofit class

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    My daughter m hubby and 16 month old grandson spent the weekend with my hubby and I.The baby didn't sleep well does not like to give up and fall alseep as he will fight it all the way. He sleeps better at his house than when they stay at someone else's home.

    I cleaned up my living room on friday and I also cleaned the bedroom room that they were going to stay in. And that was far to much for me to do.

    I ran the dishwasher and did some towels that needed to be washed too. I didn't sleep well till I had been alseep for a couple of hours and then I slept through eveything even the baby crying and screaming.

    I baby sat him one evening and we played and I fed him his dinner. And on sunday he was to stay with my oldest daughter but she thhinks that she knows more than his mom does..... and she does not. She wanted to take him out to show him off to her friends. And she thought that she could get him so sleep while riding in the truck but once he has been awake he will not go back to sleep in the car again.

    I came over to my MOm's where the baby was sleeping in his stroller with the belts on ane he was struggling to trun and move so that he was comfortable but as I Moved to up do the lock my MOM had a fit aobut not wanting to hear him screaming and yelling . But he woke up screamming feeling that he was stuck in the stroller and could not get out. So I got him out and fed him some applesause but that really was not enogh .WE played to gether for a while and then his mom came and we came back here to my house and my po or daughter was too tired as she is almost 4 months along with baby #2 and has had morning sickness the whole time.
    She fell alseep and he would not lay down for me and would just scream and yell MOMMIE and I fed him some chicken nuggets and he ate them all and then went to lay by his mom but would not stay there adn could not get her to move and play wiith him.

    But finally his daddy came back here and they packed up and went home and he feel alseep that night with ease adn staaayed alsoeep all night how ever I didn't sleep much as I was in so much pain from over doing it by picking him up and letting him play on me and he would kick my knees and they hurt so much to day that aI do want to scream now.

    I am so sleepy and in so much pain that swuimmy was just out of the question as I could not have done any of the routines that they were going to do. I am just fatiqued from the over doing it in the days before while I was getting ready for my daughter to stay here.

    I hate it when I over do it as it seems that it takes me more aand more days to recover from the over doing it. Why is that? I don't know. But having been so tired and in so much pain that I wanted to scream..

    I am so sleepy adn tired that I have to got to bed now.

    take care of your sleves,

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