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    I am so tired,its night after night of hardly no sleep.Last night I just cried and cried because I am so tired .I cant wait to get home from work so I can go to bed,but it has been night after night and no sleep.I toss and turn and get up a hundred times.Why if I feel so tired I cant sleep.I am on meds to help me relax and sleep,but they dont work anymore.Hopefully I can get something from my dr. next week.
    I also hurt really bad,my back has really been bothering me.My arms and shoulders are aching a lot to.
    I walk around like a zombie all day because I am so tired.
    I really love this site because I feel like I can come here and you dont make me feel like I am just wining.Thank-you all so very much.
    I just wish want my life back and have the energy I use to have.I get so depressed because I have no energy for anything or feel like doing anything.It takes all I have to just got to work.I use to love going shopping,but now I can hardly fine the extra energy to just get are weekly groceries.
    I am sure there are other people who feel this way.I just need someone to talk to so if you are feeling bad I could use a little uplift.I am usually up all hrs of the night so if you want to talk,just let me know. Jodi....
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    Hi Jodi,

    So sorry you are struggling with this!! Sometimes, for whatever reason, sleep meds don't work as well as they used to, or they just stop working all together.

    Which one are you on? It doesn't matter really, but if I were in your shoes, I would tell your doc that your sleep med ain't doing the trick anymore and ask him/her for advice. He/she may up the dosage of your current med, or have you try a new sleep med altogether.

    Hope you can find relief soon and some much needed ZZZZzzzzzs. In the meantime, maybe try a relaxing CD and warm milk and turkey before you go to bed. The tryptophan is supposed to induce sleep.

    Warm hugs, Erika
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    I hear ya girl! I know how you feel. In fact your post looked like I could have written it myself!!!! Are you a mind reader?? I too used to love to shop for clothes, or whatever, and now I am proud of myself if i buy groceries once a week. That is so pathetic I don't know whether to laugh or cry. (Luckily, I'm in a good mood so I'll laugh.)

    I relate to the insomnia you have. In fact it's 4:00 am right now!!!heheheh By the way Ambien really helps me.

    FATIGUE SUCKS A$$!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you can get some rest soon, and just know that we (the people on this board) understand that sometimes you just need to vent.

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    Oatstraw tea (health food store)
    Valerian tea (taste awful)
    Scullcap tea (not as bad as Valerian)

    Also, if your doc has not started you on anti-depressants, you may want to consider it. I take elavil; it helps my pain and insomnia. But some people can't take that one; there are others that help.

    Anti-depressants don't mean you're crazy or mentally ill. It means that your brain doesn't get the proper nutrients and chemicals it needs to tell the rest of the body how to function properly. When I first started taking them I had
    a problem accepting that I had to take them but now I don't care about stigma cuz I only tell people I trust will
    not treat me funny when they find out what kind of med I take (very few HEALTHY people know, even family). I just take my meds and sleep like a baby.
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    Sounds like exactly what I went thru last month.....I was 10 days without sleep and I was just crying and crying at the end because it really starts to make you mental. Same thing too, my sleeping meds were not working all of a sudden.... So my Dr. told me to double up on them for a bit without I did and also put in a Melatonin as well......that finally knocked me out and since then I have gotten back to my regular sleeping routine (going into bed an hour before bedtime, taking my meds and reading till I am too tired) That usually does it for me...
    I also agree with the post about dr has also put me on that too...and for the same reason, not cuz i need them for depression, its for the value you get from the sleep aspect. Seems to be working great....and you know what, doesnt really HURT to have something like that to kick in when you are feeling a bit 'blue' as well. I just dont tell anyone I am on them, its nobody's business but mine.......I figure ;)
    I hope you get some sleep soon babe, just do the hot bath and the reading and the drugs for the next couple nites, see if you can get something going.....use the weekend (if you dont work) to catch up

    Take care of you...
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    Hi Jodi;

    This will probably depress you some, but I'm 63yrs. & have been sleep deprived for at least half that time. I average 2-4hrs/nite. Sickening, I know...

    Doc had me try several different sleep meds, anti-depressants, muscle relaxants, etc at different times of course & they would work for awhile, then they don't..

    I recently had been using Klonopin for sleep & when I took it every nite, after about a week it didn't work anymore..So I took it twice a week & did get about 5hrs. sleep that way..But now, alas, that isn't working anymore either. And that was w/a raised dosage.

    I get sooooooo tired & sleep deprived I don't know what to do w/myself...I think most people think I'm senile due to my; by the things I can't do well anymore, & mistakes I make, etc.

    I do take my Klonopin twice a week yet, at least it relaxes me, play a relaxing dvd, & read til I'm drowsy, get my 2-4hrs in & pray I'll be all right in the morning...It's a horrible way to live...

    Hopefully you will find something that will work for you. I wish there was a special button we could push that would help us all get some sleep.

    A few weeks ago I was in the hospital w/diverticulitis, & was given Demerol..On the second nite there, that was the best nites sleep I've had in years..But don't worry I won't become a "druggie" at my

    I have a cousin that's an insomniac, she gets up & cooks & bakes all nite. That's not for I can get out of doing any of that, I I would weigh 500lbs. if I did all that...And I weigh enough as it is & that's another story, also disease related....

    Sorry for the long post, but I guess we all need to talk about this once in awhile...I wish you all the best & maybe a talk w/your doc will help in that he can give you another med to try..

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    In the last year it has become my mantra. I have found the antidepressant trazadone in combo with my muscle relaxer at bedtime helps me sleep. I know of other people who use over the counter benadryl.... which was suggested by their doctor. You should also ask your doctor if you need a sleep study. Sleep disorders are only diagnosed in about 10 percent of all of the people who have them.

    Best Wishes Diana
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    I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. When my fibro first started I had a lot of trouble sleeping. But with meds, I slept. I take Elavil and Lyrica. Both help with sleep.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  9. cjg4ever

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    It makes me feel so much better to know I am not alone.My doctor does have me on 2 diffrent meds,but they dont really seem to work.I take Alprazolam before bed,but it dosnt help.I have been on Cymbalta for about a month.I thought at first it was working,but in the last week,my body aches have gotten worse.I was also on amitiptyline for a while,but that didnt work either.I went and bought me some over the counter sleep medicine today,I just have to get some probably wont work,but I thought I would try it.
    my apt. is next week so hopefully he can try another med.I have my first apt. with the rumatoligist in Feb.I cant belive I have to wait so long,but he dosnt have any apts. open for fm patients intell then.I am not getting my hopes up about that apt.they probably wont do anything,just put me through a bunch of test and say nothing is wrong,just get some rest.Yeah right.I just wish people who dont understand this could be in are shoes for a few days.I get so sick of this,every day.I want my life back.Sorry i am having a really bad day,week, life just sucks.I hate this.It hard for people to understand.
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    Hi Jodi,

    Please make sure that the OTC med you bought for sleep is not going to adversely interact with the two meds that you already take for sleep! Ask a pharmacist. They will know.

    Also, if your rheumy won't see you soon, maybe another doc will, like an internist or a psychiatrist. There's no reason you should have to go sleep deprived for so long.

    I've "been there", "done that", and I know how absolutely miserable major sleep deprivation is. I'd see if you get an appt. with another doc sooner who is more empathetic to your sleep issues and can help you out fast. Sounds like this rheumy isn't helping you out enough. Hope you get some good sleep soon.

    Much love, Erika
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    Until I found my fabulous CFS/ME doc I had dreadful trouble sleeping and felt lowsey all the time. But this doc understands the DD and she will prescribe what I need. I take 75mg Amitryptiline and 2mg Clonazepam (klonipin?) and get a reasonable sleep if I keep to all my days and 'sleep leadups' going ok.
    People just dont understand that we cant just put our heads on the pillow and fall asleep!!!