SO TIRED... of being tired....

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  1. star273

    star273 New Member

    Anyone have any new ideas or thoughts on what might help fatique? Its so exhausting getting up and then being being exhausted and hour later....
  2. babyk902

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    be as cautious as possible when it comes to taking any meds, supplements, even food.. even some of the healthiest things can make us feel worse and when we think we are taking a step forward we are actually taking some steps back.. i go to a very helpful kinesiologist who specializes in cfs. what most people don't realize is that when you have certain symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, cramps, bloating, etc. many of these reactions are directly from things that you put into your body (meds, supplements, food, etc). i've learned to stop eating certain foods, or taking any supplements, body lotions, perfumes, etc.. by listening to my body (sounds crazy) but it is really one of the most important things.

    The next time you're eating or taking any vitamins see how you feel about 30 min to an hour after taking it and see how you feel.. if you feel okay, you know what you had was okay and your body can most likely handle it.. if you have any adverse reactions then try to avoid taking that.. just be aware to how you feel and try to think about what you've done all day that could have caused that. i have improved a tremendous amount in the past year (have had cfs for about 5 now) and cannot emphasize how important it is to listen to your body, i've ruled out many foods and supplements and have been focusing on the ones that have tested well with my doctor and the ones that i have felt good after taking..

    here are a few other tips:

    1. if you're on any prescription meds, stop. this is one reason that i feel like my cfs progressed during my first year and most likely the same reason that many other people's do as well.
    2. eat as organic and natural, limit your bread/carb/sugar intake
    3. try tulsi tea. it is so good for you, and has helped me tremendously.. try one of the flavored ones to start, which is a lot less strong (you can buy them at almost any local health food store or online)
    4. get as much natural vitamin d (sun) as possible
    5. keep your liver in check.. try milk thistle. i drink the tea because for some reason many of the capsules and the liquids don't work well with me (my doctor tested them on me) but the tea's help tremendously.. you can do whatever works for you.
    6. stay as POSITIVE as possible.. this is one of the hardest things to do, but one of the most important.

    hope some of this helps and that you can get some of your energy back! if you have any questions please let me know.

    take care
  3. mbofov

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    Karen has given you some very good advice. Fatigue can be from a dozen different sources and the trick is to try to figure it out. To do this, I think it's good to work with either a naturopath or kinesiologist, or even both.

    As Karen said, you need to look at what you eat, drink, all your meds, and check them out. Fatigue is a "side" effect (actually just a real effect) of many different medicines.

    You need your diet checked out. Many people have celiac disease without knowing it. Your regular doctor generally won't pick it up. this is where the kinesiologist or naturopath can come in. The kinesiologist can also see what foods, supplements and meds you can tolerate, what you may be allergic to, etc.

    Other causes of fatigue (which can be identified by the naturopath or kinesiologist):

    toxic liver - often a liver detox is needed

    poor digestion - this can be caused by lack of hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes, easily remedied

    weak or wiped out adrenals - A naturopath can order an Adrenal Stress Index test which will measure your cortisol levels, which can be involved in fatigue. Additionally, a chiropractor who does muscle testing (kinesiology) diagnosed my weak adrenals. He gave me an adrenal glandular product from Standard Process which helped my adrenal fatigue enormously. Also if you have adrenal fatigue, then caffeine, alcohol and sugar are to be avoided.

    hypothyroid - get your thyroid checked. Most doctors put people on synthroid or something similar, while many people do much better on Armour thyroid. Read about this.

    Once you have all that sorted out, and if you still have problems with energy, then I would look at supplements specifically for mitochondrial function and energy:

    malic acid
    Coenzyme Q10
    calcium pyruvate

    My chiropractor who does muscle testing helped me with my adrenals and digestive issues so much - I would have been lost without him. The regular docs did nothing for me re my adrenals or my digestion. And if I hadn't been able to get these issues sorted out, I would have been lost.

  4. steach

    steach Member

    I have a great relationship with my rheumy. Every time I see him (once a month), he asks what I have been doing, asks if there are any changes in my life & meds...........

    I am a person, who, when has a "good day", I try to conquer the world with projects. After these projects, I pay for them physically. He has explained to me over & over that I should do physical activities in "bits"- not try to complete an entire project. We have a relationship where we don't have to use "proper" medical terms; I tell him to "raise hell" with me when he thinks I am doing too much, not doing the right things, etc.

    I saw him yesterday and he gave sugestions (told me LOL) once again:

    1. set realistic priorities; accomplish one and rest- set yourself up for success not failure
    2. complete projects in "bits-and-pieces" and then go on to the next one with time between
    3. on "good days" take time to enjoy them or do SMALL tasks, projects
    4. reserve energy by not worrying, not "what-if'ing" and not being frustrated/angry with this disease. He said these things cause fatigue and to try relaxation techiniques, yoga, etc.
    5. he also said to take the pain med as prescribed, NOT ONLY when I feel a flare- he said it takes energy to fight the pain on a daily basis
    6. do only what my body tells me that I can do

    I don't know if any of this has helped or not, but, I DO understand your frustration- it gets old! Really old!

    Oh, one other thing that he did tell me, stay away from vitamin A with more than the recommended daily allowance because it is known to cause inflamation which makes us hurt and uses energy to make us tired. I had to take my supplements in so that he could evaluate them. He wants to know everything about me, my life, lifestyle, OTC supplements so that he knows how to treat me/this disease. He is very through.

    Don't give up! I wish you the best.

  5. cathugs

    cathugs New Member

    Steach, my rheumy told me the same thing about my "good days"

    He said for me to rest and enjoy feeling good and to try to do as much as I can on my bad days.

    But I am bad to do too much on good days, because I don't know what the next day will hold. Then I pay later.

    I take my pain meds as prescribed also. If I don't the pain slips up on me and it takes a lot longer for the meds to kick in.

    I have a wonderful rheumy also. I have been seeing him for 11 years
    and he really works with me trying different things.


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