So tired of not sleeping, at night

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    For the past several months maybe longer , I don't fall sleep at night. I take my pain meds, soma, ,xanax, visteril and don't end up getting slepy till after 1:00 am or later . I don't ever get to fall alseep in my bed. I u sed to try to go to bed after I knew hubby was sleepihng but we had a water bed and every time I came to bed I woke him up so I started sleeping in the recliner and then go to bed after he lieaves for work in the am around 5:50 am. Before going to bed I take a 1/2 of soma, a MScontin, MSIR. and go to bed and to sleep. I ususally sleep till noon sometimes later if I have slept in the recliner.

    But I Know I am not gettign the right kind of sleep as I am sleepy all day long and I am so fatiqued all the time. We bought a new mattrerss and it is not the best but not the worst I wake up feeling very stiff and my back aches deeply. But we bought the matterss we could afford and not the one I really wanted. I wanted to buy teh intelligel bed. I have laid on one and I could have fallne alseep right then and stayed alseep if it were not in the store. But the Intelligel bed in a king sized bed is over 2,500 and we can't afford it. So we are stuck with the bed we haev. It has a memory foam topper and it does help but not enogh.
    I wonder if sakeing Fibro sleep would help me or not. I have just changed pharmcies and don't know the new pharmists very wel as of yet. So I have not asked them . I have heard that if you take xanax you should not take valeriun. {SP} they said it would incerese the sleepiness factor and It would make it harder to wake up. I don't know this for sure.

    I jsut know that I need a better nights sleep or I am going to keep feeling like I do, in more pain exhusted, fatiqued and cranky , sleepy all the time. I want to be awake so that I can drive and take my self to the doctor when I need to go. I don't like having to ask others to drive me places, like doctor's appointmetns and to pick up scripts.

    CAn any one give me some advise about taking fibrosleep and if it would help me to sleep.
    Thank you so much
  2. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I have tried some meds to help with this problem. But I have found out that I have strange reactions to antidepressnts, and other similar meds. If there is a strange or unusal reaction , side effect, I will be the one to have it. I have tried so many differnet types oof meds over the years and I have had weird reactions to all of them. The doctor says it is some thing to do with chemical sensitiveites.

    I too have treid meds that I gained weight on and I can't afford to gain any more weight, knee's can't handle any more wieght , neither can my body. I don't deal well with the side effects I get from the meds. I am scared to try the lyricia due to the weight gain, and sleepiness during the day time. I have treid so many different kind of meds, Antidepressants, mood elevators and I have found that I am the one that gets all the strange unusal , weird reactions/side effects. So I am very leary to start another medication.

    How I long for a decent nights sleep with out some type of medication. I just want to sleep like most people do at night. not all day long.
    Thank you for the suggestionsl I Hope htat you too will be abel to sleep better too.
  3. mbofov

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    Here's another post about insomnia you might find helpful. I urge everyone with insomnia to get their cortisol levels checked (this post talks about the test to do that)

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    My sleep patterns were a lot like yours, but for some reason are a bit better lately. I did read an article that makes sense to me though, and I'm going to work on this.

    Do not use any type of blue light at night. No computer or tv for up to 2 hours before going to bed.

    Have as many house lights on dimmer switches as possible, and keep them on the lowest levels the last 2 hours. Do NOT turn on the bathroom light to brush teeth, etc.

    Do not use a night light of any kind. If you need to get up in the night to use the bathroom, have a nightlight in another room with just enough light showing to find your way, and do not turn on any lights.

    The theory is our brains need as much darkness as they do sunlight. If we keep the darkness away, it messes up our sleep patterns. Most of us with insomnia tend to read or watch tv when we can't sleep, so it definitely makes sense. We are to set a bedtime and stick to it each night (although the MD writing this obviously doesn't understand our type of

    For all of you, I sure understand the dislike of lying in a bed wide awake! And the pain it causes. But I am going to try darkening my room and staying away from the computer/tv for 2 hours before and see if I notice a difference. Anything's worth a try.......
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    BDTMU516, My rehumy wants me to try lyricia,But he does not listen to me when I tell him that I react to 9.99999% of the time,When I say any thing about it I get told that I am being negitive and have a bad attidue, that I worry about things I can't change and to deal with it. I can't aff ord to gain any more weight as it is with me having end-stage oesteo-arthrits in both knees and needing both knees replaced , I can't afford to gain any weight as I feel it in my knee's now. I get told to Lose wieght for every pound I l ose it takes off 4 lbs pf pressure off my knee's. So why take some thing that states in it's information sheet that you can gain wieght.

    I don't exercise even tho I have a gym membership, my car is dead for now and the class I want to take is after dark and I can't drive after dark so I am up a creek. I live aobut 10 minutes from my oldest daughter who could drive me but she is just getting off of wwork at that time and has two little boys and my Mom to feed and take care of. So I don't ask her to take me places, every time I do someo thing happens and she does not come or call me to tell me what went wrong.

    Jole: Thanks for the info, I am in deep trouble as I am on my computer and I should have been resting with the l ights down low and no computer on or TV. I would love to listen to soothing music but the CD player in the bedroom does not work so I am up a creek. I have tried to do self hypnoosis but I get confused and k eep my slelf awake by keeping pitcures in my mind so my mind stays busy and does not relax , shut down, stop for a minute.

    I would love to just go to bed and have some soft music playing but I can't stay in my bed that long. We bought a good mattress a year ago and for the most part it is ok. WE have a 4 inch memory foam mattress topper on it but I still wake up stiff and sore deep in my lower back. The mattresss I want is out of my price range and always will be. I just can't afford to pay $2,500 for the intelligel mattress, I have treid an intelligel mattress and I loved it, it was the most comfy mattress I have ever laid on, I was almost alseep in the store as soon as I laid down on that mattress. I could have slept there if they would have let me but they said no way. I so love that mattress but the cost is out of this world for me.

    I am willing to try your method of turning down the lights and not being on the computer for 2 hours before going to sleep. WE don't ahve any night lights this house so any light comes from teh windows in the kitchen door window and that is not much. OUr bedroom is dark all the time even during the day light hours. NOw all I have to do is to pick a time to go to bed adn start trainging my self.

    Thank you both for all your suggestions. I am willing to try any thing at this time. Wish me luck and say a prayer for me. It takes 21 days to change a habit so it is not going to be easy .Right now since I can't sleep I am here online and go on line when I have laid in bed for so long but have not gone to sleep. I love to read but get involved with the story lines and that keeps me awake too.
    I also watch TV alot, I am going to have to find a music channel and dim the liights and listen to the music and hope that it helps me. Maybe I can get a small CD player so I can listen to relaxing music in the bedroom. I do fall alseep in the liiving room in the recliner and I pay for it in the am and all day long.

    Thanks again for your suggestions.
  6. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    and my pharmacist said definitely NOT to mix it with anything containing melaton, valerian, or St. John's. I did once and it made me sicker than sick.

    I'm not sure about the light theory, as we have only 5 hours of daylight here right now, but I can't sleep even in the pitch black of 19 hours. My bedroom is completely dark, as I have birds who are on a strict daylight/darkness schedule. They wake immediately if they hear noise or see a light, and start incessant chatter (they are big, TALKING parrots) between themselves ("Get up! Get up! Time to eat! Hello, Mommy!)

    We have a Sleep Number bed that's a disaster. An airbag in two wooden boxes, with a center beam down the middle. If one side is inflated too much, the other person "rolls down the hill" and crashes into them. I hate it. I want the new "cooling foam" mattress, but, like you, the price is beyond us.

    I wish I could offer more help, but chasing the elusive "sleep butterfly" has been my main activity for 5 years. It sucks, and as long as my doctor can sleep, who cares if I can? But at least, you're not alone! I know exactly how you feel!

    Soft hugs,
  7. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    You might also try this. It helps the brain produce serotonin and other neurotransmitter necessary for sleep. REgular B6 (not the P5P kind) did nothing for me, but the P5P is helping, I'm sleeping sounder, dreaming more and no side effects. A friend of mine is doing well on it too.

    I take 25 mg. a.m. and 25 m.g. after dinner. Take with a good B complex vitamin.

    Also, do think about getting your cortisol levels checked (see post above.) THis can be a huge factor for many of us and if not addressed, all the drugs won't help you. But if you do have high cortisol, it's easily remedied.

  8. cinnamon-4

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    Yes, I just saw an article on insomnia too. It speaks of an adrenal exhaustion problem and cortisol is part of that. I have had CFS and candida for many years and still trying to improve my life. Hard road but not tried the supplements etc for the adrenal exhaustion. I have a terrible time trying to take medicines anymore. I think this may help our sleep problems and start healing more of our other problems. Good Luck to everyone. This sight has helped me a lot and am so thankful it is here.
  9. lgp

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    I do not take any prescription medications anymore, with the exception of Symbicort for asthma. It took a long time for me to figure out which supplements worked best for me. I take a probiotic, and a Biotin supplement, and the magnesium once a day.

    I take them with dinner, and I absolutely feel that the magnesium has made a huge difference in the quality of my sleep. I used to have extreme sleep issues, but now, since taking the magnesium, I am not as achy, do not wake up anywhere as achy as I used to, and I can actually sleep up to eight hours sometimes; usually six, but only because I have to be up at a certain time.

    If it is safe for you to take magnesium, you may want to give it a try. I take Twin Labs magnesium oxide, which I was told the 'oxide' is the preferred form for people with fibro issues. It's also relatively inexpensive.

    The worst part of fibro for me was the nights (months actually) of insomnia. I went on a highly addictive sleeping pill at one time, and while they did help break that streak at the time, I would not do it again unless I was totally desperate. I wish I had known about the magnesium/sleep connection then, but nobody had recommended it to me at the time. I had to do my own research, which I am starting to believe is the best way.

    Good luck to you...I know how horrible sleeplessness is.

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  10. misskoji

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    I read your struggles and feel so bad for you. I'm sorry you suffer so very much.

    In some cases of Fibromyalgia, some doctors will consider RX'ing the sleep drug Xyrem. Xyrem is a derivitive of GHB, a.k.a. "the date rape drug". It was originally only offered to Narcolepsy patients. It is a serious, strong med, and I'm not advocating it's use without serious consideration. But, it has been shown to improve deep sleep cycles. And this is why some doctors consider using it for FM, because repairing our sleep leads to feeling better.

    Another thing to consider is your hormones. I believe Dr. Cheney wrote an article or a study about how cortisol levels are reversed in our illness. This may be contributing to why you cannot sleep at night. I've read numerous accounts of patients confirming this. Some can't sleep, some have appetite and other problems as a result. This is also true with me-my appetite and functioning are reversed. I think he recommended that you have a 24 hour cortisol test? You may want to research this more and talk to your doctor about it.

    I hope you find some answers and relief very soon.

    My thoughts are with you,
  11. rosemarie

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    I had a total hysterectomy over 20 yrs ago, where the doctor removed every female part I owned and my appendix. I stopped taking female hormones several years ago as I was of an age when menopause would be happening for me naturally.

    I don't know what tests to ask my rehumy to have done. I don't know about cortisol, or my adreanals, what tests do I need done to see if there is an problem. I know that a few years ago I was really vitiman D deficent and it took several months to get my levels up to a low normal and I take 5000 units of Vitiman D daily. I also take magnesim daily . I don't know what a 24 hour cortisol test is, do I have to fast for it. Cause I don't do well with fasting.

    I am not snaacking on junk foods but I do tend to skip meals because I am not hungry and have lost my apppitite. Don't know why but I am not hungry most of the time. I also am a picky eater I don't like foods that have a greasy taste to them and the greasy foods bother me stomache due to having my gall bladder removed.

    I eat what tastes good to me and yes it is not always healthy or the best thing to eat. MY fav snack is a choclate mint ice cream bar which
    which I Limit my self to two a day.

    I eat carrots alot but they don't always taste so great and it comes and goes. My eating habits come in phases of things I want to eat for months it was an avadaco turkey corossiant no mayo , butter just the bread. But I don't want that any more so I have been eating TV Turkey dinners and granoloa for breakfast with extra cinimon on it.
    Don't know if this helps or not. I am try ing to eat better bu t it is really hard for me. I don't know if my diet is so bad taht it has everything out of whack or not.
    Thanks for listening to me

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