So tired of pain and stress. I don't seem to be coping

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    LIfe has suddenly become so much more stressfull for me. My pain doctor has been going threw some legal problems from a couple of patients who he treated breifly. It seems that 2 years after he had treated them they both have filed that he was groping them and now it has gotten so out of control that there is a trial and the posibility of many pain patients losing their doctor. I am just one of many.

    This doctor has never ever done any thing that was not proffesional in my treatments, he has a nurse in with me when I have an exam and when I am just having my monthly visit to get my meds refilled he keeps the door open. That way his staff can here any thing . I have been his patient for over 3 years now, when he comes in the room he sits on the exam talbe and does not even touch me.

    When he has done procudeures he has 2 nurses that are in the room from the time you go in till the time they walk you out to your car.

    The doctor comes in a gives the medicaions like versed and demoral, of versed , demoral, {Note: versed can and usually cause's amnesia. And if a patient remembers anything at all they don't remember what really took place.}But one owman claimed that after being given both meds the doctor tocuhed her . He had 2 nurse's in te room the whole time and didn't not leave. He did to treat other patients.

    LIke I have said he has always been so proffesional with me that I find it really hard to believe that he is capable of touching a woman who is not his wife. He was my doctor when my daughter was involved in a sexual assualt case. I discribed what she had been threw with this trauma.

    I watched as the tears rolled down his face, he said how could any one do that to some one. He went on to say just how he felt about such behavior. I don't want to go in to all that was said but I know in my heart that he is not capable of hurting a women in that way.

    So now he is going to be on trial and at all the pre trials 99% of his patients are in attendance. There are so many who know that he would not do what he has been accused of doing.

    As you may know pain doctors get taqrgeted all the time from patients who are denied the medications they want to the feds thnking that a doctor is prescribing too many narcoitic pain pills. Many have gone to jail from situations such as this.

    YEs he has a good chance of winning and being found innoencet of all charges and that is what I am praying for but in the off chance that some thing goes wrong and he goes to jail, I have no pain doctor to treat me and I am on strong meds. Such as MScontin and MSIR and on a high dose. I can't just stop these meds or I would have a rough time with withdrawls. But I don't know who to go to for help.

    This is upetting to me as I don't want to lose the best doctor I have had. And I stress over the things I can't change like the outcome of this trial.

    Add to this stress the stress's of daily life with fibro, MPS, degenerative disc disease, spianal stenosis, facet syndrome, bulging discs, osteoathritis in both knees and in left wirst, pain in tail bone, throasisc /lumbar radculopathy, I don't just have one condition to deal with but many. It is so hard to walk , stand, and sit. I am not able to workk any more and my family really does not understand what chronic pain can do to you.

    JUst lose weight, don't take so many pain pills, exercise more, eat better you name it they know what is best for me. But they don't get it. Unless you live with pain that does not ever leave you , you really don't know what it feels like to hurt all the time 24/7 350 days of the year.

    I don't mean to sound so depressing but I would just like my family to believe in me that I know what I am doing and that my doctor does as well.

    Two of my daughters are married, one has a 21 month old baby and is expecting her second in Jan. I am so excited about it as this time I will have a granddaughter. I love my grandson so much and he loves to play with me.

    My other daughter has just moved back home after being a nanny for 5 years. And she is going to live with us till she has enough money to get a car and pay for rent . And my husband has type 2 diebetes and does not eat like he should.

    So my life is just not normal, there are so many twists and turns that I am dizzy and confused at times. My mom who is 79 has been sick and I have been the one who takes care of her. This too is stressfull but thankfully she is some better .

    Now that I have told you my life story I am sorry this is so long. I really needed just to vent a bit, I do have faith that all will work out in the end, but sometimes it seems as if life has just gotten so screwed up.
    I Hope you have the best holidays.
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    That really sucks whats happening to your doctor. I know a couple of doctors who I would like that to happen to instead. It doesn't seem like anyone is going to believe a narcotics user (I'm assuming) when he has had nurses in the room. All my doctors did that, too. It's common practice, he'll come out allright.

    And what do you mean your life's just not normal?! Other than your medical issues, it sounds pretty normal to me! Nothing odd there. Everybody's got "issues" to deal with, it may not all be medical, but it's still "stuff". And it sounds like you are coping. You still have your head on straight, that's obvious from how you sound. And you handle responsibility well, too, don't you. And my husband is next in line for type 2 diabetes and won't do ANYTHING healthy. He eats cupcakes for breakfast and drinks sodas and eats candy all day long. He refuses to eat anything for meals besides meat, potatoes, chili and spaghetti. And he complains about how bad he feels! So that's totally normal for husbands.

    Have you ever seen a chiropractor or an acupressurist? I'm seeing a great acupressure guy right now and he's done more for me than anybody in the past 4 years. It's amazing what that stuff can do. He takes a small metal wand and draws lines up and down my body and moves my limbs around and pushes different points on my back and head. What it's done for my energy is nothing short of miraculous. I think I've had about 6 sessions with him so far. They can really jump start the healing process in your body. You should try it. Take care, good wishes to your mom, too.

    happy xmas!

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    I just wanted to wish you a christmas that isnt too stressful, I know you have been in pain alot recently as I have seen your posts about your legs...stress can definately trigger an attack of pain..I have also seen you post about your dr before...the thing is with this is that you have no control over what happens to your dr...and although I understand your fears about a new have to stop letting it consume can not control the outcome so please try hard not to worry about what you have no control over...when the outcome happens that is the time to worry if it goes wrong...concentrate on yourself and your health and that is all you can do..I am sure this dr would hate to think you are making yourself sick with the worry...people dont tend to get convicted if they are innocent...hope I dont sound too harsh that isnt how I meant my reply to be...its just that we have had lots of stress from selling our business and I have had to let go because otherwise I would be so much worse off...I couldnt do anything to help the outcome and it has turned out I could have gone through months of worrying for nothing.

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