So tired tonight wish I was alseep but I am a bit stressed

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    I am so sleeepy and just exhusted and need to go to bed and to sleep. But the day has been lousy. My 79 yr old MOm called me and had me take her to the doctor as she has been having dizzy spells with some naueusa and she gets really light headed as well. There is no out ward signs of why she feels like this and it has me worried about her.

    Then my daughter came to pick up hubby from his last day of drill and her 18 months old son is so sick , running a high fever and coughing so hard that when he does rest you can hear him breathe so hard. IT looks like he is having a hard time breathing.

    And my daughter still has her cough and is so exhusted that she was so tired that while she waited for her hubby who had gone with a friend.

    She went in the bedroom to pack up their things and the next thing I know the baby is bcrying and trying to awake her up with his hands touching her face and calling to her Mama and pushing her hard to make her move. She just put her arm around him and he laid down and they both were out by about 8:30pm

    Hubby was to have been back to my house by 8pm and didn't get here till just after 10 pm and my daughter looked at him when he had to wake her up that he was going to have to drive as she was so sleepy.

    So he did and even packed up the car as well. I am so shocked by that . But she is still sick and the baby is getting worse. I can only hope that now she is at her home that she wil call her boss and tell her that she can't go in to work as she is getting a doctors appointment for both her and the baby.

    I took my Mom to get her blood work done every test from a free T3 to a CBC and protime , SED rate,also a metoboliic rate {SP} and I can't remmber the last ones. And hopefully he will call her first thing in the morning and she will have an ansewer.

    It could be that her blood is too thin again as she has been on antibitoics. Or she could have an infection that he does not know about.

    And she is a bit anemic and dehdreyated as well but to get her to drink a glass of water is like having her drink a beer she does not like just plain water.

    But she will drink juice but still not enough of it to help her and I am worried that they will admit her to get her enxymes up and her blood up and things like that.

    WE are to go to Odgen today and show my ID, birth cert and SS card to the SS department so that they can finally have them for my disability case . I juse have not shown them to them yet.

    EVery time I go there it is too late at night or it is on the weekends and they are closed. So if Mom is ok I will drive her car to ODgen and she will ride with me to help me stay paying attention as I get so tired driving long distances.

    But it is better for me to be driving then her adn she can't get past the 45 mim speed limit on the freeway. And I am so scared for her driving and hope that she will give up her drivers linence soon.

    Then my oldest daughter just had to tell me about the charges against my pain doctor and I won't go in to them as it ids sick and wrong and I don't feel in my heart that he did this but I didn't think the nice young man that my daughter thought was her friend was going to rape her either.

    And I know that this trial could go either way and he could have really good reasons for what he is accused of doing and the girls ar eknow addicts but they too deserve good medical treatment and not being harrassed by a doctor as well.

    So I know the pro's and con's and neither look so well for either side. AS I look at it is ruining his family life and his practice if found guilty and even if he is not it stains his medical carreer .

    And even if the women are known drug addicts they could be in real pain and have done just what he asked them to do. But every one is innoncet untill proven guilty and I hope that he is innocent in more ways than you can know.

    But by having my daughter tell me all this is to make me change doctors as in her eyes he has always been pushing me to take pain meds and not PT so she does not like him.
    But the way she went around telling me all of the details of this was to hurt me and embarasses me and make me feel bad for trusting some one that much and it is a good thing that I was not his type.

    BUT it really hurts me to think that my caring compansionite doctor could really do all these bad things to the two women.

    But I was not there and don't know the details of that day or any other day. The only tihng I know is that she was wrong on saying that he had the doors closed and no nurse in the room.

    HE does not close the door and if he is doing any treatment he has a nurse with him to assist him and help him and help the patient.AS I have been there when they haev been doing procedures adn he always has a nurse with him at all times.
    Yes I know that he could have really done these things but in my heart I don't get the feeling that he did what he has been charged with.

    But that is must my thoughts and feelings, as I know how messy and how much lying goes on ina sexual assult trial and it gets really messy and both sides get put threw the ringer and asked to repeat every detail so amny times that the supossed victim and the doctor are so sick of hearing aobut it that they get confused and this is just what the lawyers want to happen.
    SO I can just pray that hhe is really a good man and not a creep that would do this to women.
    And I need to let it go as it only streses me and makes my life hell. So I don't need to think about it at all. right now.

    Sorry for rambeling on aobut this doctor's case and all the stuff. I hpe that I have not offened any one by anything i have said here tonight.

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