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    How do you all do this???

    I have FM...and possibly CFS (although it could just still be side effect of hypothyroid). I am so tired, and I have to drag myself into work. I only work from 2pm until 5pm, but it feels like a full day. Right now, I should be leaving to take the bus over but I'm just so tired I'm going to have to take a taxi. I'm also having some upper back pain today which is just driving me insane.

    How do you get to work when you have to, and get things done when you have to? I mean, I want to have children sometime in the next couple years, and whats really scary is knowing that going to work for 3 hours seems like a completely full will I be able to take care of a child?

    Any encouraging words would help, thanks
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    And God knows, this is a horrible disease. You must also be young. I remember singing in the church choir and having so much back pain I could hardly stand it and that was 45 years ago.

    I went undiagnosed until about 15 years ago. Worked a stressful, many hour job. We're not all the same and we don't all have the same tolerance for pain.

    We raised several foster children, took care of my mother with Alzheimers, while caring for our grandaughter, who was 3. Fortunately, I had home daycare. Very lucky, because she also did lots of housework.

    I don't know what to tell you. We are women, for the most part, and we just do what's put in front of us, but you must understand that not everyone can do all that.

    We just keep praying and hoping for a cure. I'm sending you hugs and prayers.


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    Depression, i am aware of. I know that I have been a bit depressed lately, I go on and off depression medication and should probably go back on it. Still, theres this other medicine that I want to try first that you can't take if you are on antidepressents...and having the pain go away would get rid of my depression too..hehe.

    The thyroid problem, according to the doctor, is straightened out. I take my pills everyday, i get my labs checked, and they are within normal range. I remember hearing someone talk about hypothyroid in a different group, who said that when they got their t4 checked and started a different kind of medication for it that the lingering symptoms got better. I wonder if anyone has heard anything about that
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    it seems like an impossible task some days to be so tired and in pain and have to go to work. i've found that the best thing is to adjust my work schedule so that i start later so i can sleep in and that i only work 4 eight hour shifts a week. that way i can set may schedule so i only ever work 2 days in a row and ca cath up on sleep on my days off. but the best advise i cen give is to get through the day is at least have a job you enjoy. that way if your tired and in pain at least you like what your pushing yourself so hard to do.
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    HI Katherine,

    I know exactly how you feel. Being in pain/exhaustion wears you down and you just can't do the things you had planned your whole life to do. I guess you have to weigh everything out: do I want something bad enough to compensate for the pain it may cause? Is it worth it?

    These are hard questions to ask. I wish I had answers for you. You are not alone. Live in the moment, and remember the good (or even just better) days when you have bad ones. Be thankful and focus on what you have that's good, and desperately try not to dwell on the crappy things. That's what I tell myself every day. It probably won't make you feel better, but it's the only piece of advice I can offer. That, and take care of yourself as much as you can. Eat healthy, rest, excercise, do any activity that may "calm" the nervous system (since that is where our problem probably is) etc. I don't know if any of that stuff will help - it's like telling a schizophrenic person to eat healthy and their symptoms will go away. That's garbage. Everyone knows and accepts that schizophrenics should take medication, and the same is true of Fibromyalgia (although there has yet to be any proven medication for it). Yes, the problem is chemical/genetic and hopefully one day there will be better treatments and perhaps even a cure. In the time being, all we can do is hang in there and try to be as kind to ourselves as possible.