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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lorrie4real, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. lorrie4real

    lorrie4real New Member

    I'm so tired of being tired, I don't sleep more than a hour at a time, I have tried everythng, now I'm trying supplements, but can't really tell the difference, I'm still working my but off just to be able to ignore the pain but I know that that can only make it worse, I lay down a pray for sleep but then I get so anxious that I just lay there with my eyes closed, and I have such bad dreams if I sleep more than 2 hours, I think It's from the pain. I'm goiong in for injections on my back and I have tried them 3 times and this is my last I can't take those injections. But I keep going on. I am up for the womens acknowledgment award, for telling my story and that helps but not out of doing nothing, I try hard to find solutions, but today my stress is driving me mad, and the anxiety is at its limit, I don't even have the patience to meditate. So what next anyone??? I have a very understanding boyfriend and he is wonderful, but today that doesent even help, I feel so rotten about myself.... So I guess I'm just venting. Thanks for listing Lorrie
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    It's OK to vent and this is the place to do it. I think most of us have been where you are so we understand. I hope you can find some things that will help as you spend more time on the board. There is lots of support here and lots of information.

    Try to be good to yourself and I hope the injections work this time. Congrats on the women's acknowledement award!

    Take Care.
  3. lorrie4real

    lorrie4real New Member

    Thank you for all the good suggetions I will certainly work on the, I know this was just one of those day for me and it won't last, I just want to cry and I can let myself do that sometimes, I'm not used to letting myself do that butI sure am going to try. Thanks so much
  4. lorrie4real

    lorrie4real New Member

    Thanks for letting me know that i can vent, It is hard for me to do sometimes, because I'm not used to complaining altho it really is'nt. I hope the injections go well to.
    I have a herniated disc in my back and took the dr 2 years to acknowledge it. So I'm trying to find a new doc. Thanks
  5. lorrie4real

    lorrie4real New Member

    I wish I could get xanax but my pain specialist won't perscribe me anything but morphine which I hate terrible side effects and terribly addicting, I have gone thru some terrible withdrawl with it. But he is such a sticler, he dose'nt believe in fibro even tho i have been diagnosed for 14 yrs. Thanks for the tip
  6. lorrie4real

    lorrie4real New Member

    Thanks for all the encouragement on this award, I am to be a quest speaker and I have never spoken in front of an audience, 450 people are going to be there, I'm stressed and i know It dosen't help the fibro, but I also know I can do this. So thanks Lorrie

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