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    you know how this d.d. can just creep up on you without realizing it, I"ve been real sleepy lately, and having to go to bed early,well I thought it was because its cold and gets dark early, but now I think I"m in a flare.
    if anyone has any suggestions on how to stop this before it gets bad ,please let me know.also please say a pray for me to have strenght to fight this off.

    Blessings sixtyslady
  2. Asatrump

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    Oh my, if we only had a suggestion of how to ward off flares. I don't know any way to stop them. Stress makes mine worse. There is also for me a direct correlation to how many hours and how well I sleep, and how I feel the following day.

    I often tell my friends to inform ME when I am going into a flare. I tend to get very intense and focus on one problem or thing. It is easier for them to see it in me, than for me to realize what I am doing to myself.

    If you feel the urge to sleep, try and just go with it, don't fight it.

    Be interesting to see if anyone has some miracle way to ward off a flare.

    hugs, peace and good sleep friend.
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    you know I think your right . my d.h. noticed it before I did,you would think after yrs of this I would know when I"m getting run down.
    I think things have been just to stressful lately and I just need to slow down a bit,especially before the holidays.
    My hubby and I just sat and watched t.v. this afternoon and it felt good just to relax.
    We decided to just not shop this year for gifts we"re just going to give gift certificates.will make it much easier.and may be will enjoy the holidays more.
    thanks for your reply and my best to you.have a good week-end. blessings sixtylady
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    I have had the same experience with my husband sometime noticing the symptoms before I do. Ususally it is in the fibro fog area.

    I wish there was something to stop flares but if there is, I haven't found it.

    I think it is a great idea to do the gift certificates. I do those and order off the net for alot of things. One thing I have learned with the flares(but it has taken me years to learn it) is to start shedding anything that contributes to stress level.

    Christmas does add to the stress level. It makes me angry at what we(Americans) have let Christmas turn into. A few years ago, I just stepped back and said enough is enough. Now I only do what I want to for the most part. We have let our lives become bound to "Shoulds" and "have to's".

    Just yesterday, I was wrapping some presents, and ranted to my husband that this DD takes the joy out of so many things that should be joyful and fun. Everything for me comes down to just checking the things off the list.

    Sorry for the diatribe. I've been a flare for several months and my patience level is at "0".

    Re your flare: please try to rest, de-stress, eat good things for yourself, and ditch any guilt.

    Keep looking up,
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    guilt is a bad thing and one of the most diffult things to learn to let go of.
    my daughters hubby deer hunts and I had their son weds nite and thursday,
    but then they wanted me to have him from Fri afternoon until Sunday nite ,I knew I just could"t do it ,so our other daughter took him and she just had surgery last week and has 5 kids of her own.
    so I know my daughter and son-in law are mad at me.
    our daughter works every week-end in the e.r.from 7to 7 and has to sleep in the daytime.
    my son_inlaw stays at his brothers house for all 3 days and doesn"t come home so he knows about this and should make arangements for that week-end but he leaves it up to our this girl works all week-end 3days a week at the college and does photgraghy for extra money. she makes 80,000@yr and he drives truck.
    like my hubby said when he used to hunt you left early in the morning came home and went back out in the afternoon.

    what ever happened to responsbility.Hes only 15mins from home but he has to stay all 3 days and has to pay his brother to hunt on his property.
    thanks for letting me vent. sixtyslady
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    That is the question of the century. I am newly diagnosed so unfortunately I am not much help to you. If it is like an ra flare then the number 1 thing to do is be selfish and take care of you. You can't make your body do what it won't do. Do what you have to do to get comfortable and get relief from the pain. If you have to renege on some social functions or duties at home so be it. Just do what needs to be done. The other stuff can wait or someone else can do it. I also keep frozen meals for a couple of days when I am flared. Again if people don't like it they can make their own or order take out. I have also learned to not let anyone make me feel guilty. You are much stronger than people around you who won't help. Also if you keep doing it they will think you aren't that sick. I am sorry if I sound cranky. Lord Jesus please pour Your life and strength into this lady's body today. Please give her the strength to do what needs to be done and help her to let go what isn't important. Please send some people to come and help her. Please take away all the pain and inflammation. Thank you. Amen.
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    meeeeeeeeeeee tooooooooooooooooo.
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    TRy ttttttttttto relax if you can.Linda
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    wow I feel some what better,still can"t run any races butI just need alone time I just can't take alot of people at one time,I"m o.k. if its just one on one but if theres more than 2or3 people I just get to stress.
    we're going to a very nice lodge tto have Thanksgiving and its buffet style so I know the noise will really bother me.I"ll have to wear ear plugs.
    its just to much for me and then the next day I'll have to stay home and just have peace and quiet.
    I know people think I"m goffy but I just can"t help it.

    blessings sixtyslady