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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dolsgirl, Feb 17, 2003.

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    I recently changed jobs secondary to better opportunities, that seem as though they are coming at a much higher physcial expense than perported to me during interviewing for the job. The monetary amount is more but what it takes away from me physically cannot be replaced. I don't know if I should attempt to ride it out or turn in my notice immediately. I have to give a two week notice. My starting date was 1/31/03. I think they also didn't let me know that another nurse (my impression) has already gone through the job because of the circumstances. Not sure what to do. dolsgirl
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    hi dolsgirl. could u possibly tell your employer that you thought it would be less physically demanding due to information given to you at the interview? also, in my experience, new employers tend to 'try out' newbies, seeing how much they can take, and also take advantage of someone trying to impress who is possibly too scared to say no to a task (me in a nutshell!) because they don't want to seem like they can't handle it. when this happened to me, as soon as i said something, it nearly all stopped. might be an option for you. good luck.

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    I would suggest speaking with your supervisor, explaining that the job description and the realities don't seem to be the same. That your decision on employment was due to these expectations, and that it is adversely affecting you. Ask what he/she can do to help rectify this problem. Perhaps this will help. If you find it doesn't, I certainly wouldn't continue in the face of physical debilitation. As we have all found out (some of us time after time--trying to push) that sooner or later our bodies resound with "Enough!" and just cease to function, causing us to rest i.e collapse, and then that process of trying to get back to where we were, is long and tedious. Hope this resolves.
    Best wishes, LL
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    hate, hate this job. There clearly is not enough people to do the tasks at hand. Yes, I have tried to do more than should be expected of a person. The clinic is disorganized and shouldn't be. It's over 50 years old. Nobody EVER gets out on time.

    I've decided, after not quitting about a gazillion times today, that I will simply do what I can & what I cannot do, will not get done. My boss is on vacation. She knows it's a horrible time, but, you have to plan vacations in advance. There's no back-up for a boss that anyone in the building is aware of. There's at least 6 full time doctors working in this practice!

    I'm going to try to not quit until I get another job. I have had a migraine headache all day and I haven't had one of those in a year and a half!

    So, disgusted!

    Thanks for your support. dolsgirl
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    you dont sound happy follow your heart(and your well being.)
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    I was hired on at the state and was told I would only have to do 2 hours a day working/standing in the pharmacy.. As it turned out...I was the ONLY one in the office that subbed down in the pharmacy which was ...any time a pharmacy cashier was out, and all breaks and lunches. And when they remodeled the pharmacy I was the one that worked all day for 1 month down there and no one else helped or anything. Talk about discrimination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My boss just told me that I am to start back again and when I tried to tell him that it needed to be divided equally between me and the 2 other girls he threw a fit and started screaming that I never was the only one doing the pharmacy and the other girl helped just as much. LIE, LIE, LIE!!!!! I know what he's working up to...he is covering his butt...he got reprimanded the other day about this sort of thing and now he is going to lie about it and say that I never was the only one working down there. What you should do is document!!! That's what I was told to do.

    DOCUMENT the stuff you do and don't have time to do. Document, Document, Document!!!! Write down everything..even if you don't feel like it at the end of the day... that is what I have to do. Take it to the head person when and if you need to. If you can get another job then do so...I promise if you already hate your job as I do mine (the atmosphere and unfairness) then it only gets worse!!! Hope this helps and sorry if I rambled!!!! Pamela

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    I didn't know what all was going on. Didn't know then it was Fibromyalgia. Only knew I was having trouble walking and squatting from foot pain and body aches. The foot was the worst.....Dr wanted me off but I wanted to finish the school year out. I borrowed a walking cast from another member at church who had Plantar Fasciitis in the past. For the last month at work (in a preschool) I wore the cast that imobilized my ankle, forced my walking gate off. Count in my classroom was lower than others so they took my co-worker out of the room leaving me to manage alone!When I complained my classroom was added to another and I was sent out to do door to door recruiting with fliers in the neighborhoods to increase enrollment! Hubby was so mad when I quit. Haven't gone back to work.

    But my feet hurt less and I am more mobile. Quitting was the best thing I did for my health. Problem now is financial. I was almost to the point of trying to figure out what kind of job I could do. I know I can't return to preschool work. Since then my certification expired anyway. My husband has decided it isn't his responsibility so I am trying to figure out what I could do. I have no other skills or education. My math abilities are so low normally and they told me to continue education I would have to take math classes. I can't even think straight for figuring and hubby isn't about to pay for classes.At 47 will anyone hire someone who stumbles when walking, can't sit long, stand long, or squat down and get back up on their own, often drops things, and has been told not to lift anything over 10#? Then there is the issue of bladder and bowel problems. Sometimes I have to go right back in and go again by the time I turn the hallway corner. If I sneeze or cough I am damp and the protective garments cause rashes.

    The physical toll of working took so much out of me. I never even knew until recently I had Fibromyalgia.But it sure explains a lot of my chronic complaints.

    I would say if you have any skills to do something else, a change of careers would be advisable. Here at home I feel better as I can put my feet up or lay down at will.But then there is depression from feeling worthless to the family and wondering how to pay off the medical bills I already ran up on my charge card.Already am 3,000 in debt.Am applying for Disability but not sure if I meet the critera.To everyone else I look fine (except for the stumbling like a drunk at times).
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    Hi Dolsgirl; I'm new here. I just thought I would write since I was in your shoes and thought you might want to hear from another nurse. I know what it's like because nurses are sometimes expected to do the work of five people, and take critisism at the same time. I am so proud of you for deciding to just do what you can and leave the rest. It is very unlikely that they will want to give you up as long as you are doing your best. I have regreted giving up at times, and then there are times I quit and was very glad I did. But you do what your heart (and body) tell you. Please don't try to be superwoman. Take care of your patients, that's why you becames a nurse, right? The rest of it is secondary. Sincerely, chilly
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    I forgot to tell you; If you have to quit due to overload you can probably receive unemplyment compensation due to them hiring you under false pretenses. Of course this would be a LAST resort.
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    and chilly, you especially understand what I'm going through. I also know that anyone working in a pharmacy also goes through the same thing. I know that other professions also do & I'm not exclusive.

    I did tell the nurse that I replaced (she fills in), that I "hate" my job. I think she spoke with the two Medical Assistants that I'm working with because their attitude changed drastically after lunch. Still, too much work and too little time. I know that I won't keep this job.

    My husband was nice enough to bring a picnic lunch & spend lunch with me which he also intends to do for the rest of the week. He's collecting unemployment because he quit his job back east because of my health & that's what was on his record at work. He hasn't been able to obtain employment out here yet. So, I had him apply & it got approved.

    Thanks so much for all of your support...I think you know how much it means. dolsgirl
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    I was glad to see your post, although the situation stinks. I've found myself so often in that same position; the last job I had I found out afterward that the person before me lasted only 5 months, the person after my 4 years, 2 months, and then they split the job in 2. Your health comes first and you are in the wonderful position of being in a high-demand profession. So take care and I hope it all works out and that you still like Washington. BonBons
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    Thanks. I have to actually get a perm for my hair because I literally do not have any energy to blow it out, period! Forget styling this pin straight hair! My stylist doesn't perm hair. He thinks unpermed hair is "happy" hair. I told him that my hair might be happy but I'm not & it's getting permed by a friend tomorrow. Wish me luck! dolsgirl