So What Do You Consider a "Mold Hit"?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jenbooks13, Jul 16, 2008.

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    Now that I'm more aware of mold and my reactions to mold, I'm wondering what you moldies consider a "mold hit".

    For instance, I'm pretty sure I'm getting a mold hit at my therapist's office. She lives in a nice old prewar building. I start to feel like I want to drink a lot of water (I bring a water bottle) and have to pee, a burning sensation, and feel somewhat flushed. I am not going to stop seeing her, but now that I'm more aware I wonder, should I have an outfit or two that I just wear at her place, rather than my normal favorite everyday outfits? It's not a black mold I don't think, so, does it matter? Or am I carrying it back into my place? I'm not as sensitive as some folks like the former Erik mold warrior OTOH the less stress on my body the better.

    Similarly. I ordered some homeopathic remedies so I'd have a big kit to work with as I learn homeopathy. I ordered my initial 100 from a wonderful place in Santa Fe. Then I ordered the next 60 from Bengal Allen in India because theyr'e only $1/remedy including shipping. Well they came today and I smell mold on the plastic-coated paper container they came in. I threw it out and put the little glass bottles in a plastic bag. But if the place where they prepare the remedies in India is moldy, do I even want these, or should I just pitch them and say to myself, $60 wasted no big deal. Or should I seal them into a special container and open them, if I want them, in the hallway or something? Or is this paranoid? They are after all, rather small glass bottles.

    I remember once getting a moldy case of paper (10 reams), on discount, ordered online, from OfficeMax or somewhere. I threw them all out. Today we purchased a case of paper from Staples as they had a bargain price and it was wrapped in plastic for each ream and perfectly fine. I've gotten a little anxious about mold hits.

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