Soap Opera "PASSIONS" Not Being Cancelled Afterall ..............

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by JLH, May 4, 2007.

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    News for the Passions fans ...........

    I read in the new Soap Opera Digest today that it is NOT going to be cancelled afterall.

    Well, it IS still being cancelled from NBC, but the satellite company DirecTV has purchased it and it will be picked up by them and shown on one of their stations beginning the first week of September -- or right after its last day on NBC.

    It will be on Mon. - Thurs., with reruns being run all weekend.

    It did not say which channel it will be on on DirecTV though.

    DirecTV is offering free installation to any Passions viewer that wants to subscribe to their service in order to watch their soap!!! Now isn't that advertising!!! LOL

    One biggie ..... they are making all actors who stay take a 50% cut in pay!!!! So, I don't know how many of the current actors on the soap with be willing to take that drastic of a pay cut!!!

    They also mentioned that they know of only one actor AT THIS TIME that may not continue with DirecTV, and that was Brooke Kerr who play Whitney. It is because she has already signed on for a movie part, or a part in something else -- can't remember (darn foggy brain!!).

    When anyone ever finds out exactly what channel it will be on on DirecTV, let me know!!!! Thanks.