Soc.Security is sending me to a bone & joint Dr????????????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Betty50victor, Dec 29, 2002.

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    Anyone out there been sent to a bone and joint dr? I've tried calling the number on the letter but no one has called me yet. It was the disability examiner. I left a message asking why they aren't sending me to a Rhuematoligist. That's who, supposedly, has more knowledgement on this Fibro crap.
    State disability sent me also to a bone and joint dr and a psychiatrist and they said I no longer qualify because of depression!!?!! So, I had to appeal to them and tell them that I've been on dis. since july 02 for fibro and depresion which is caused by the fibro crap which has basically taken away the life that I've known. All those people have to do is look at the drs. cert. stating so. What Is wrong with these people.... I, and all of you, sure wouldn't say we had this DD if we didn't.
    Ok, I'm rambleing....
    I can hardly walk, sit , stand or lay without pain. I just don't understand why we have so much trouble getting what is ours. Especially since I've worked almost 30 years non stop. I've paid into the employment dept. and Soc. Sec. so we are entitled to what's ours.
    Til later, Betty
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    Betty,this is not unusual for SSD.I applied for it in 96 for fm,depression, and plantar fasciitis.I have gone thru 3 hearings with different judges due to appeals.I am 42,and have not been able to work since Dec 95.Even tho dozens of doctors(including SSD docs) say I have fm,and several including my own say I cant work,they have denied me.I am in appeals again,due to an all out personal attack by last judge,who said I had sought help from specialists just to "use" the system.Not true! and a lot of good it did,lol.But anyway,during the process I have been sent to about 3 psychiatrist,and 3 orthopedics(bone docs).The last even agreed he didnt know why SSD sent me to him.HE was the first ortho that was very nice about it,and recognized fm exist.The others were fools that said they seen nothing on my x-rays so there was nothing wrong with me and I could go back to work.Orthopedics are notorious for denying this illness.If you had legal help to get ssd before, I would definitely contact him about this,just to be on the safe side.I am surprised they are evaluating you so quickly since you have only been on it for few months.
    Be sure and maintain regular doctor appointments,so you have proof that there is still an ongoing problem thru-out the years.
    I know what you mean about deserving what we have paid in.I worked several years as a nurse, sometimes 2 jobs while taking care of 5 kids92 of which are twins and my youngest at 13.And still unable to get SSD.I think if I had a lawyer from the beginning it would have helped.But due to being on workers comp at the time and if i did win i wouldnt get any backpay becuase of the workers comp being higher than SSD.So therefore no lawyer wanted to take my case since they would make 20% of nothing.I wasnt able to gwet one until after comp stopped and my first hearing with a judge.I see many people on disability in my area and working under the table.I dont understand how these people get by with it, when ones that are truly suffering have such difficulty getting approval.