socail security disability? not elegible for ssi?

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  1. hensue

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    Does anyone live in Ga that has been approved for ssdisability
    Not social security income. Which my husband makes to much money for that. I do not.
    I am also wondering if anyone in georgia has been approved
    Someone told me on this post what to do when i go to the doc in six days. I forgot what it was, I quit my job sept 27 2007
    Should i also tell my dr or social security people that i am going to try to work somewhere i dont want to give up.
    Or is this possible. I know i have about a 1,000.00 a month if
    i am approved for disability. Also is this taxed income in Georgia.
    I am very nervous about all this
  2. landra

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    At the top of the message board, there are colored lines. One has social Security DISABILITY information. (Doesn't say disability but that is what it is!) There is a lot of good information in there! Read esp. Marti_Zavala's posting of what she did to get her SSDI on the first try - almost unheard of!!

    If I understand correctly, you have applied for social security disability. You have been told that you do not qualify for SSI due to your husband's income.

    It take a long time to get SSDI. I applied in Sept. 2007, and just got my first denial. My lawyer's office filed for the appeal. Now I get all the updated records, and they get questionaires from providers I have seen this year to submit to SSA. It could take 2-3 years to get the SSDI.

    There is also a great group called disinsissues - the address is in all that Soc. Sec. information.

    Oh to ask about your state in particular, I would suggest putting that in the title.
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    The money you get from Social Security for disability is taxable if your income qualifies. With your husband working it will be taxable. I just got my backpay check for $43,000. Out of that I have to pay Allsup $5300 for their fee. I will also have to include that as income for this year and it will be subject to tax when we file.

    My monthly check is $1385, and I have to make sure I keep money on the side for the taxes owed on that. Our income tax lady told me how much I would owe and what to plan on. Remember SSD is a federal program. Your questions about it for GA are the same all over the US. The length of time each state takes to approve is a little different. But, for the most part, they are all pretty much the same.

    M J