Social Anxiety Disorder????

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    Hi guys...Im 28 year old female and thinks that i have social anxiety disorder..Im afraid to go out with friends,go to parties etc..which i used to love doing a lot..Im also depressed...Its really hard coz its affecting my work,my social and personal life...I dont really know what to do :( I dont have anyone to talk husband dont support me saying its nothing to worry about :( ..I wanna go see a doctor but i still dont have the money to pay for anyone??? :(
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    Here's something I posted on another board. Don't have the energy to retype it.

    Therapy was very helpful for me.

    So were meds, hospitalization and the 12 step group Emotions Anonymous.

    My employer provided health insurance w/ Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser had a combination
    class/therapy session for 5-12 people. The classes were taught by psychiatric social
    workers and psychologists. The therapy was called cognitive because it aims to
    change one's patterns of thinking.

    You can sample same by reading "Feeling Good" by David Burns. The book
    includes some exercises. Dr. Burns says you have to do them, not just read
    about them.

    My depression has also lessened in the last couple years by taking supplements:
    Vitamin D3 and grapeseed extract as recommended by Jaminhealth. Have also
    been wearing the Vitamin B12 patch one day a week.

    Hope you can find something helpful. Good luck.

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    I experienced similarly at ages 36-50. Crowded resturaunts, bridges, high rise buildings and public speaking would start me panicking. My wife had it worse than I did so if she started responding before me I would forget about my problem to help her. Then I realized I was responsible for the intensity of the attack, I could feed it in other words.
    One very pretty night my wife and I took a walk in our neighborhood. She becoming upset over how her heart was racing which made it race all the more. I knew this meant an emergency, previous times we had called an ambulance. As my wife started to pass out, collapsing backward to the ground, I suddenly had the urge to throw my big glass of ice water on her. As soon as the water hit her face and chest she got so mad at me she snapped out of the attack. This episode stayed in her memory so that subsequent attacks were less severe
    I tried a Psycharatist, a hypnotist to no avail. When I met Jesus Christ my symptoms left me. Now, thirty some years later, I teach the bible to prisoners in our county jail. I have no apprehension or problems, neither does my wife.
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    Go to the top of the posts and there is a STICKY by me entitled something like FREE/LOW COST MEDICAL/PRESCRIPTION HELP. Towards the top of that is a link for free mental health care. Try that.

    I used to be unable to get out of the home for appointments. The social anxiety was so bad that the fear was incredible. I would go to the refrigerator, take a glass to the water dispenser, fill up the glass and throw it on my face. If that didn't work, then I got a glass of crushed ice and threw that on my face. I always made it out the door with a towel and my hair wet, but no doctor minded.

    What I had done was a bit of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) where I faced the demon and the water and ice made me able to leave the home. It reached a point where my brain would say "no, not the ice, just go and leave but not the ice" and I would be able to get out the door. It's amazing what can work. But it's important that you not blow this off and do nothing--it will only increase and get worse and the risk is that eventually you would be unable to leave your home every again. Reach out for professional help and there are books in the library to help.

    My doctor had me get and read THE ANXIETY & PHOBIA WORKBOOK by Edmund J. Bourne, Ph.D. and you can get it at the library. At the end it has desensitization exercises to get slowly into a store, onto a plane and much more. Good luck and hugs.