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    Thought this might be of some help with much of our discussion involves Social Security Disability. (All those "S" can get confusing!)

    SSA - Social Security Administration
    SSN - Social Security Number

    SSDC - SSDI (Title II) and SSI (Title XVI) concurrent claim

    SSDI - Social Security Disability Insurance (Title II CLAIMS)
    DIB - Disability Insurance Benefits (Title II BENEFITS)

    SSI - Supplemental Security Income (Title XVI CLAIMS)
    SSID - SSI Disability

    SDI - State Disability Insurance
    SSP - State Supplementary Payments (optional State SSI add-on)

    DDS - Disability Determination Service (State agency handling your initial SSDI/SSI claim)

    ALJ - Administrative Law Judge
    AC - Appeals Council
    OHA - Office of Hearings and Appeals
    HALLEX - OHA Policy Manual
    POMS - SSA Claims Manual
    SSR - Social Security Ruling

    AOD - Alleged Onset Date (Disability)
    CE - Consulative Examination or Examiner
    EOD - Established Onset Disability (Date)
    FBR - Federal Benefit Rate - Title XVI
    MER - Medical Evidence of Record
    MRFC - Mental RFC
    MSS - Medical Source Statement
    PRW - Past Relevant Work
    RFC - Residual Funcitonal Capacity
    RH - Request for Hearing
    RFR - Request for Reconsideration
    SGA - Substantial Gainful Activity
    VE - Vocational Expert

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