Social Security Adjudicator Gave Me Valuable Advice

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    My boyfriend just filed for SSDI for Spinal Stenosis which is a condition of the spine where the spinal column is being compressed. He was a carpenter and will never be able to do that type of work again or any physical type of labor. He is 54 years old.

    There is clearly clinical evidence of his condition which shows on X-Rays and MRI.

    However, clinical evidence does not explain in detail how one's life and career is affected.

    It causes him great pain affecting his sleep, ability to walk, stand, sit and he can't lift more than 5 pounds are just a few examples.

    Anyway, I asked the adjudicator he talks to frequently about Fibro and Chronic Fatigue.

    She told me that because there is no clinical evidence for either condition and that doctors don't always see their patient's functional struggles it is best to document symptoms and effects in a diary whenever symptoms occur and present copies to both the doctor and for Social Security.

    For Gary, I wrote a 6-page letter regarding what I witness on a daily basis also pointing out his limitations, effects of meds, the multiple trips to the ER, that he is now reclusive, can't take public transportation, can't walk to the store, can't do housework, etc. and how rapidly he is deteriorating since his initial fileing 2 months ago.

    I also included a job description for carpenters that I downloaded plus job descriptions for his past profession which was certified auto mechanic.

    I also downloaded photos of carpenters on the job and sent those.

    I'll post when he is approved.


    P.S. Remember we were trying to get to the south for Katrina work? Well, Gary got hurt down there and had to come home. His symptoms appeared two months later.

    It's a degenerative condition very common in carpenters.

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    Thanks for the input I'm going to be needing it soon.

    Take care,
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    to have your help.
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    you did a really good job. Something I though of the day before my hearing was taking visuals. I took tap dance classes for 7 years before I came down with CFS. Also rode a Goldwing motorcycle. I decided to take some pictures of me dancing in costume, and pictures of me on that motorcycle in the Rockies. It was prove that I really did have a life before CFS. I think it made a lasting impression on the judge, and I was so glad that I though of it.

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    I turned in a diary that I typed daily on a computer and to explain the type of work I did I had a video tape showing the type of work I did that aired on Mr. Rogers (of all places).

    I sent these to Blunder and Blunder and it's hard telling if they used it since they didn't follow through on so much.

    Remember I fired them.

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    That is good advice.

    I also have spinal stenosis--just one of my many back problems.

    Also, when filing, make sure you indicate every problem that you have--not just the "major" one that you are primarily filing for.

    When you add up all of your "smaller" health problems with your major ones, it helps them to see why you are unable to work.

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    What is being done regarding your spine? PT? Surgery?

    Did you file for SSDI?

    What's your story!

    I see Gary deteriorating daily. His idiot PCP filed out paperwork so Gary can get aid until he hears from SS. He wrote on the paperwork that Gary CAN work. Gary is appealing with the help of his caseworker.

    Look for my post Doctor Broke Patient Cofidentiality

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    If you can type a diary, you can do data-entry. It shows you can use the computer on a regular basis.

    Hand-write everything. It can be sloppy. It should reflect you on your worst day.

    I just won my case last month.
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