social security anyone seen by their doctor?

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  1. ephemera

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    Yesterday's mail brought a new letter from SS. It reads in part, "Since reciving your claim, we have tried to obtain medical evidence to document your condition. The evidence we have obtained is not complete enough for us to make a decision. Therefore, we have arranged for you to be examined by the medical source listed below. This exam is designed to provide the specific medical information we still need. It may not include evalutiaon of all your complaints."

    This letter is 11 months after my initial application last Sept. (I was first caught up in a self-employment question, then my local office personnel changed & they only sent my records to the state in April, more records were sent in June...)

    I've sent them 5 years worth of medical records from my primary doctor, 2 rheumatologists, 1 sleep doctor (including sleep studies) & a series of memory tests by a psychologist. Plus a list of surgeons I've seen since 2001.

    Has anyone had experience with an examination by "their doctor" before any decision is made? This is not an appeal, this is my first determination.

    I've emailed my attorney & he's already emailed back to let me know he's phoned SS & left a message asking what info is still lacking. He also does not know this doctor (general internal medicine doc) & has emailed his professional board to see if anyone's worked with this doctor.

    Has anyone been scheduled for an exam with the SS doctor & been permited to substitute another doctor? i realize this rule may vary from state to state. (I live in PA.)

    I'm thinking this is probably a fishing expedition on their part.

    thanks for your input.
  2. mrdad

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    I think this is very normal protocol on the part ofSSA.
    If I looked thru my old file, I could most likely find
    almost an identical form sent me by The SS right down to
    the same form number. It's just part of the bureacratic
    process. After you go thru with seeing their Doc, you
    most likely will get a letter of Denial a mouth to six
    weeks later. Don't think they will allow you to sub your
    own Doc for this one!! You can try, but it will only
    ad delay to the process I believe. Next will be a Psychco
    Exam!! It's part of the "Game". Sorry to sound so negative and cynical but I've seen it too often!

    Please know that you have support and help from all of
    us here!!


  3. 69mach1

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    good luck

  4. mrdad

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    It's getting late and you have SCHOOL tomorrow!! Polish
    all your apples "for the teachers" and get some sleep
    if you can for the big day! Sounds to me that your
    unit amt. should be just right for you.

    After they see are last replies to this Post, you and I
    may be offered an extended "vacation" on that Island off
    the coast of Florida!! Can you believe it ??

    Go sleepy bye!!
  5. ephemera

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    thanks everyone for your input. I'll update this when I hear back from my attorney on Wednesday.

    The whole process sucks!
  6. tscattaglia

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    I saw the SS doctor about 4 years ago for my Carpal Tunnel deal. It was a piece of cake, so dont let them scare you off. It was a Dr. in my area and I believe they sent me a check to pay for my mileage $5 or something small. Good Luck and Chin up!
  7. beeleaf

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    I went to 2 of their doctors. It's normal, and possibly a good thing.

    (I was approved on the first try.)

    Good luck!
  8. barbinindiana

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    of their doctors, and my exam was a total joke, but like someone here has already stated, it's part of the game.

    Don't worry about the exam. Just do it, and if you get turned down, that's part of the game too. I had to go as far as the hearing, and I approved. If you've got a good attorney and your doctors have kept good records you have nothing to worry about.

  9. Mikie

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    The doc I saw was a grump and the physical appeared to be set up so that anyone still breathing could pass it. I was quite surprised when I saw his report to SS which supported my claim.

    Try not to let this make you nervous. It's pretty routine. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie