Social Security Benefits in California - anyone applied here?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by busybusymom, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. busybusymom

    busybusymom New Member

    After being sick for three years, my neighbor, of all people, thought I should apply. I looked into some of the posts, but they were from other states.

    Anyone out there apply in California? Any success? I have CFS, chronic migraine (daily!!), chronic dizziness/ imbalance problems, myofascial pain (possible fibro), IBS, anxiety, depression, just to list a few. I am unable to work. I keep waiting for the day to wake up and be "cured" and go back to work, but I'm not sure that is a realistic thought.

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    My Daughter lives in the state of Calif.. she has Fibro, Lupus, and Meniere's... she got her SS Disability the first time out.. Granted this is not the norm. but it all depends on what your Dr puts down as an illness..

    If you could get a Fibro or Meniere's dx. it would probably help, I will tell you that you will have to be tested before the State's Dr's. but thats not a big deal,

    Good Luck

  3. busybusymom

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  4. busybusymom

    busybusymom New Member

  5. 69mach1

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    this may help some on all of my conditions.
    then i am 40 years old. this means soemthing to ssdi people. your age. i don't know how old you are put the older you are the easier it is to get approved.

    suggestions: have you paid into social security at all, i only saying this because i saw realtor, then i see medical transcriptionist. i used to be a reltor in virginia have license there still active but been here since 1990 and went into the dental field instead for awhile.

    check and see if you can file and if you have enough points to file for ssdi or ssi, ssi you can not have over a certain amount of assets and since you are married and stuff i think they take that into consideration as well.

    you search to find some of our quesitons.

    go to great infomation on what to do and except!

    as far as getting approved it is all depends on many things how well you complete your form and what your age is and what your medical files state. and you should see a specialist to confirm depression/anxiety and fms etc.
    it helps your case to be taken more seriously.
    get the treatment recomended everyting is trial by error so if it doesn't help state so.

    now after the paperwork is completed you will have to sit and wait, theymay send you to their doctors for evaluations it is common. it is also common to get denied at the intial level, but if the paperwork is filled out completely and the will explain on how to do that. take the tips and take notes of how ou feel and things that are wrong. like how you say for example i do this, say things backwards, start to say something and completely forget what you are even taking about.

    now for the decsions in my past ssdi cases. i have one closed case won 7/8/04. still to this day wiating for them to get all of the money stuff figured out correctly. i filed that one in march of 2002.

    i was told my ss# thati had to wait one year before i could file any a a paperwork, not true. first day off work you can file. or in your case you could last day work a 40 hour work week.

    then it will take a few months to hear on a decision. and well i got denied, then filed for reconsideration, denied again. then got attorney filed for hearing, had hearing july of 2004, attorney called me up afterwards and said i won the case. but it was going ot be a closed case. meaning benefits from march 2002- ending ocotober 1 2004.

    well i did go back to work for a moth here and there ended up getting worse and shingles, pneomia, and had gotten more medical evidence of more problems w/my feet and new mri on back, more bulding discs, and more in neck this was after they made there decesion fully favorable w/ongoing ssdi and now i will have medicare since i already ful-filled the 2 year wait from my last case.

    that one filed in 2/05 and i saw their docotrs in july 14 and 30, 2005. in the richmond, california office. ti was in awful place. but the medical exam was an xrayof lower back and a very minimal exam in the operatory he hardly touched me or asked me to do anything and he checked all of the tender points for fibro and siad you have it all over your body andi said yes a do. i still didn't think i would get approved at the initial stage but by the grace of god i did. i called ssdi i think it was last week and wa told the good news!

    so sometimes you just have to keep fighting and fighting and the other times you have an easier time.

    so take the tips and follow thru and you will succeed.

    good luck

    good luck you can contact your congressman and have a congresional inquiry that is supposed to help move the paperwork some.

  6. hdbubblehead

    hdbubblehead New Member

    my story is a long one.
    i have to skip it for now, but i am in Calif. near Los Angeles Courts.
    I have two inch thick of medical and many diagnosis, but have been denied 2 x now.
    I have seen judge, he sucked. he was bias and i accidently saw his private comments, said my doctor's reports were BS!! i am not kidding..
    anyway, i will file a case/complaint against him this mo.
    and i will be lookin for an attorney to help me this time.
    i just can't stand having to share the disability money with someone who doesn't know me. In Calif. i think it's the luck of the draw unless your number comes up
    Are you a fighter? file now, SS office first, then get your date. you will be denied. then, get an attorney and go to the judge with your case. I should have gotten an attorney for the second appeal. i have 4 doctor's telling my story, and the judge dared to call one of them BS report!! that doctor said everything i would have said to explain my problems with all my misery.
    I even have the threat of becoming a quad. any day.
    I have a narrowing of the spinal cord (Spondylosis, spinal cord damage in my neck and in lower back.(Spondylotic Myelopathy, plus fibro, CFS, Lupus for 15 yrs, major depression with two shrinks, spine requires operations, NO WAY! but if i don't get disability and i go to work, i could own the employer, if i got hurt, so who will hire me. I don't want to sue anyone. I can't work, and thats final. no one will hire me on the meds either.
    soooooooooo. i will just tell ya, go apply and bless your heart, and ask GOD to show you the way to win your disability. take care.........hd.
  7. busybusymom

    busybusymom New Member

    Thanks all for the great info. It sounds like a real pain in the neck to do this. I see it causing MORE stress, which I DO NOT need. What a shame that we have to fight so hard to get what we deserve.

    Bubblehead, I am in Santa Clarita - maybe we will bump into each other sometime!!!

  8. lovethesun

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    I got mine on the first try.I have 3 compressed discs and Fibro.I had the fibro diagnosis from 5 different doctors along the way.I got it first try.linda
  9. sascha

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    my age was one deciding factor (60 or so at the time).

    also my primary care physician kept meticulous records that supported my claim, and she wrote a good letter on my behalf.

    i had had a few years of constant problems that sent me to the Urgent Care centers. lots of referrals from my doctor to this and that specialist for lists of troubles i experienced. it was just a constant and daily set of clear medical emergencies that kept sending me back to my doctor and to specialists for a few years.

    i got a good lawyer to represent me, and eventually, after going through all the required procedures, i won my case.

    just stick with it, step by step, and see if you can get that help put in place for you.

    my lawyer said it was my doctor's excellent record-keeping and support that helped put my claim through successfully. my age was an additional factor. good luck- Sascha
  10. mrdad

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    I'm in the North State and my case took about two years
    but it could be longer or shorter, depends. Many of us
    have had experience at this and many Peeps on this Board
    are much more knowlegable than I. So come to the Board as
    needed. Go to local SS ofc. and get free booklets.


    Go ahead and start your claim as already suggested! I won
    my case contrary to a less than supportive report from
    my GP. Most Peeps miss the concept that disability is
    based on convincing the Gov. that there is a RESIDUAL
    to your illness that precludes you from being able to per-
    form normal work activities in a "normal" job setting.
    Start the claim, gather the support as ya go along.

    Best wishes.

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