Social Security - Denied My Doctor won't help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by patru10, Nov 28, 2005.

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    I applied for social security disability in August and was notified in October that my claim was denied. I saw my family doctor on Nov.21 and asked her if she would support my claim for disability, she said it would have to be up to my otho doctor and back surgeon. Should I get another family doctor. I told her she is my primary care doctor and knows what kind of shape I'm in and the pain. I feel like sending her a letter of my suffering and ask her if sh could work. I will see a lawyer tomorrow.
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    it does not say on oyour bio what is wrong with you so it is hard for us to really make a good solid comment..

    but i had my doctor tell me that i was not disabled that was the primary doctor, she feels you need to be hooked up to a ventalator i guess...but you know what

    i applied and got approved the first time this time...

    go seardh on

    it is very helpful...if you don't fill out that paperwork just right and you leave out things that are wrong with it tells them hay it isn't so bad...

    do you have fms/cfs back stuff? check out my bio and i have a good list for you to go you deal with depression and anxiety? have you seen a speicalist for that like a pyschologist of a psychyotrist.

    well if you have more quesition youknow where to come...

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    I have fibro, OA of hips, knees, back, ankles, hands, fingers. All the problems that go along with fiebro. Had back surgery 8-05, also haveheart failure, mitral valve reg., Chrons, severe acid reflux.
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    your medical records that your pcp wrote on your appts? i can not believe that you haven't been approved...but just keep plugging in there....

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    I just recieved my disability after almost 3 years. I applied in 98 and got turned down. I tried again in 2003 and just now won...Hang in there and don't give up..God Bless