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    OK, got a letter in the mail today. While they recognize that I have impairments, they say I can do the job of a telemarketer that I have done about 10 years ago. I am going to hire an attorney at this point, but how can I refute that? I mean, I find it difficult to sit in an upright position for long periods of time and am the most comfortable kinda laying/lounging on my side. I can sit for a while, but then I have to keep repositioning myself and at times, I cant even do that. I can force myself to sit thru the pain if I have a doctors appointment or something along those lines, but its not easy and it hurts so bad. Then to top it off, I pay for it the next day or two. So explain to me, how am I supposed to sit for 8 hours a day 5 days a week when its the next day or two that kills me. Work one day and take the next two off? I see that working well. What do I tell the lawyer? How can I explain that while I sit in his office, and appear normal, that I am forcing myself to sit thru the pain to get thru the meeting? Not to mention I now have a pinched nerve, ulnar nerve and can barely feel my pinkie and ring finger.

    Plus the anxiety attacks I have.

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    to hear the bad news. I don't know how anyone, even people in
    good health, can be a telemarketer today w/ the no call list. And the
    economy is so bad and people are so stressed out, who wants to
    spend time w/ a salesperson on the phone?

    Did you have an attorney? If not, are you going to get one to appeal
    your case? The fee comes out of your award and there is a cap on
    the amount. Get a lawyer fast. There's a time period in which to appeal
    according to an attorney site I checked.

    Have you also discussed this on the Disability Benefits board?

    Good luck.


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