Social Security Dis. Medical Exam.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by angelscutoo, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. angelscutoo

    angelscutoo New Member

    How many have had to have an internist exam? I have an appointment the 14th to be examined. Both my attending doctors have sent in information.

    If you have had this what did they do to you. From what I have seen so far is range of motion work. I also have spinal stenosis and Charcot's Disease along with other things such as the fibro so not sure what to expect.

    I have been on line and read all I could find there.Any stories or experiences?
  2. ldoty

    ldoty New Member

    I have been looking for the same information. I have an appointment on the 12th. Hopefully someone will be able to provide some information.....let's keep praying!
  3. mompain

    mompain Guest

    I, too, am scheduled for an exam with another doctor for my Disability claim. My appointment is with a Chiropractor??? I don't know if I get that one. I have Sjogren's, Fibro, Dysautonomia, Raynaud's, Depression, Unsuccessful Cervical Disk surgeries, Degenerative Disk Disease, Sciatica, and a few more things. Needless to say, I have tons of medical records for these illnesses and cannot figure out why they want another exam.

    Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? Any suggestions for the exam? I would appreciate any and all comments and help.
  4. Leaknits

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    Somewhere in my pile of posts there is one about how SocSecDis sent me to a chiro very tiringly far from here since using ones' "own" dr is not allowed.

    Synopsis: When I tried to explain to Mrs Attitude on the phone at SS that I do not drive and getting to her dr of choice would be difficult for me, she snapped out "Okay we'll just go with the information we have here now."

    Bang! went the phone at her end into the phone cradle. Yes, I called her back. I asked her if the "information we have here now" included heart issues she said "Oh, now you are claiming your heart, TOO?"

    She didn't want to hear that I hadn't had a re-certification exam for SSD for a long time and that yes, I have heart issues. The implication from Mrs Attitude was that the illnesses/conditions I drag through what passes for a life had frozen and not been added to between Long Time ago and the time she wanted me to go through exam.

    So I found someone to drive me to the dr she chose for me. He turned out to be a chiro, I don't know why and, as best I could understand his pseudo-English he does a lot of SS exams.

    I feel sorry for the other people SS sent to that man. First off he lied as to what he claimed I could and could not do at his request such as to bend and touch my toes.
    Couldn't do it. He said "Of course you can" and proceeded to show me how HE could bend and touch his toes. Well Whoopee.

    He also lied about untested but cited in his report to SS range of arm motion of forgotten (sorry...) percentage of range of motion of my arms.
    What in the world range of motion of arms have to do with RA, OA, too-frequent tachycardia, ME/Fibro, I have no idea and did not ask him.

    But: SS eventually got around to advising me I had been cleared by their dr to continue receiving SSA pittance. THEN, as I seem to recall saying in that long-buried post, I allowed myself to laugh at the so-called dr.

    Gleeb, and some people I know ask me just why I don't much care for drs...
    The only response I can come up with for those people is "It bothers me more than a little bit when I turn out to know more about a condition I have than dr knows." Scary.

    For instance present dr had to be patient-taught what carpal tunnel is, with the patient being myself and my very painful right hand being the thing with carpal tunnel.

    He doesn't know what carpal tunnel is and he's trying to treat ME/Fibro? Head-shaking amazement...

    Sliding off-subject but I do not think it's up to patients to educate drs, that's what med school is supposed to be for.

    If there were any other MediCare/MedicAid-accepting dr within decent driving distance, If I didn't have to keep in mind that my home-helper has a life of her own and really doesn't need to be hauling me hours and hours each way to see some dr who might or might not be able to do anything different from what I've come to expect from bottom-of-the-barrel drs, If I didn't have to try for rest when all that driving would have to happen and there's no way I can sleep or sit up for hours in a very small pickup truck, I'd dump this boy like a too-hot potato.

    Lake County CA needs Good Drs who accept poor people's insurance!! It would be nice if good dr listened too, but I know that's asking too much.

    My apologies, what started out as an attempt to answer "Has anyone else had to go for a SocSecDis exam?" has become yet another rant re drs. I really am sorry.


    The heavy implication in there was that if I couldn't get to the dr she wanted me to see, I'd likely get bounced out of the only income I have now, SSA.

  5. angelscutoo

    angelscutoo New Member

    When is your exam? I doty I believe your exam is Aug 12th and mine is the 14th. If nothing else maybe who ever is first can post for their exam and I will p[ost after I have mine next Thursday. For the last post thanks for the information. You told me pretty much what I thought.

    I don't know how to bump posts so if one of you do please bump this and see if anyone else has insight as to what to expect.

  6. Iam1ShadyLady

    Iam1ShadyLady New Member

    I have an exam scheduled on Sept 9th. I live in a rural area in Tennessee and it is with a local doctor in the small town I live 11 miles from. I've never seen him. He is at a different office than the dr I visited in town before. I ended up following one of their PA's to a bigger town that is 25 miles from my house but it's worth it.

    I asked Allsup about it and they said it would be a very basic physical and shouldn't be too in depth. I have a list of all my symptoms and how it affects me ready to take with me and I am going to insist it is part of the file. I am also having them send a copy of their exam to my dr. You can do that .

    Please post how yours go and I will try to do the same.

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