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    i was just wondering for those who got denied first how long did it take for them to deny you? i applied in sept. and have not heard anything. i am hoping that is good news. i have all my faith in god and i if i get it i know it will be with gods help.
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    When I 1st applied, & was denied , it took about 8 weeks to get a denial letter. Then you do the paperwork for a 2nd petition. That usually takes even a little longer. By the time I had applied for a hearing (the 3rd round), it was a total of 2 1/2 years. But I was in & out of the courtroom in 15 minutes. Few people get a decision that day, but the judge gave me an approval that day. I was relieved & shocked, & couldn't quit crying. All the frustration of the past 2 1/2 years all came out.

    I also have back problems & sjogrens though, & have since been diagnosed w/ RA & early lupus. I am up for a re-apply process next year, so I hope & pray that I am still accepted, since I have gotten worse. I wish you LOTS of luck w/ your petitions. Just remember that rarely is anyone accepted the 1st time. They do that to weed out the people that are cheating the system. I personally know someone that had a lung surgery, had to have another one, & only had like 25% actual oxygen in her body, & they denied her the 1st time. But, she ended up getting cancer, so they accepted her the 2nd time immediately. So do not give up, OK?

    It takes alot of patience, there is lots of anger & frustration along the way, but God is on your side like I know he was for me. I was praying in the courtroom before it started, & like crazy the day before, & the years before that. He knows your needs.....even before you do...God Bless & Good Luck
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    thank you lv2sing
    i am so glad you finally won!!!i also have meineres disease so i am dizzy most of the time and loosing my hearing. add that t o fm and well you know how it feels i haven't lost my faith in god though and i know he is on my side. and from what you say about getting worse i am sure god is on your sidw AGAIN just keep your faith.
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    You said you also have Menieres disease. A friend told me a while back (she's into all homeopathic stuff, or as natural as she can get), that Tea Tree Oil is good for ringing in the ears, & also the dizziness that may accompany it. You might give it a try. She said just a few drops in the ear, then put a cotton ball inside so it doesn't run out. Put it in just before bed. Even if it doesn't help, it is something that will not hurt you, even if using prescription drugs. It is also good for cuts, burns, etc. Some people make a tea out of it & drink it, though personally, that sounds nasty! LOL
    You can pick this up in the vitamin section @ Wal-Mart, drug stores, etc, but a Natural Herb & Organic store would probably have the best quality. Our Wal-Mart sells it for only like $2. Also, I take it back, I found it in the section w/ bandaids,wraps, iodine, Scar creme, etc. It wasn't w/ the vitamins. Pretty close to the pharmacy section. Hope this helps, & that you get some relief soon from everything, especially the RLS. I take Klonopin at night to sleep. I am on lowest dose, & I had to start cutting it in half, because it was causing me to have sleep paralysis every morning, early, like 5am, which is usually when I get into the REM stage. I would wake up, then start feeling like I was going to start convulsing or something, & I would have to try extremely hard to come out of the paralysis. I always had the sensation that if I couldn't get myself completely up, such as sitting, that something bad was going to happen. If I could wake up, get up & walk around a few minutes, use the restroom, get a drink, & then go back to sleep, I could fall back to sleep usually w/out the paralysis happening again. Was just very scary, but it has gone away for the most part since I only take a half tab. now. But it is also taken w/ a muscle relaxant, ultram, morphine, & vicodin. Once in a while, I'll wake in the middle of the night from arthritis & fibro pain, & have to take another vicodin. And sometimes I STILL don't sleep. You'd think w/ all of that, I'd knock out, & never wake up!!! Good Luck w/ everything...
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    i know what you mean.i take klonopin sometimes it puts me to sleep sometimes not!but when i finally do go to sleep i am so groggy i can't do anything the next morning.
    but there are times i don't sleep at all for 24/36ect. hrs and then other times all i do is sleep.
    we just can't win.thanks for the tea tree i will have to try that i am willing to try anyting. i have vicodin also and it works very well but i try to take it last it seems i get use to things fairly quick.
    i have ultracet.znaflex flexerill, klononpin, zoloftand many others i take as needed just can't remember the name without going to get them.
    but i will put tea tree oil on my list thank you. oh i do have requip for rls but it makes me sick to my stomach so the dr. gave me a med to go withit to help my upset stomach but it didn't work. go figure.
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    Hi Glenda,
    I also apllied in early September and never heard a word until last week. Th SSD worker called me and told me she didn't have all the medical records she needed. I hired a SS represenative from the start . I called them and they said they would send the records to her. my rep said they will probably send me to see their docs as the next step.

    I hope you and I both beat the odds and get some good news soon! I just keep picturing it as approved and like you, put it in God's hands.

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    Not sure God knows about the Social Security system. System is so screwy, I think he must be unaware. Applied April '04 and first denial 6 weeks later. Second denial 3 weeks after reconsideration. Two years and two days later, we get to see ALJ who makes a bench decision in my favor, and he actually apologized for all the time it took. Not an easy time.
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    thank you all for your replies. i am glad to see some of you finally were accepted. i'll keep my faith for cinderbug and myself that we hear something positive SOON since we both filed the same month. and congrats on the rest for winning!!!!!
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    I applied for SSD Aug 04. I was denied and appealed and then got denied again and appealed again..I am now waiting for my visit to the judge.
    I finally got an attorney becaused I was so frustrated that SS couldn't answer any of my ?'s and couldn't even tell me where my file was for months. It was pretty frustrating.
    I just saw my attorney on Wed, it was my second visit to her.
    The first visit went so well I was so happy I had gotten an attorney.
    To my shock and horror she told me on Wed that most of my medical files that SS had were from 2004 and some of 2005...Duh no wonder they don't know what is going on with me. I have had so many things happen and procedures done and so many dx's come up. They're heads are going to spin when they get all my updates.
    My attorney said we should hear something soon.
    I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed.
    It's so unbelievable what you have to go thru while waiting.
    My husband and I have always been financially OK but without my income it's really caught up to us.
    The stress and everything that goes along with it should not be allowed. It's a bit of a shame. But I do know that there are people that always abuse all kinds of systems. So I do know that. That makes it unfair for the honest people.
    Good luck to you in your SSD journey