Social Security Disability and CFS

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  1. I have a question for everyone who has gone through the disability process. I have had severe CFS for almost a year now. I am making progress, but I only recently started being able to stand up and walk a little bit. I have major trouble with my arms and can barely lift them to shoulder level.

    Before becoming sick, I was employed full-time and through my employer I had private disability insurance, which I have been on since becoming ill in December 2013. At the six month mark of being disabled they require that you begin to apply for social security disability, because after one year, you will have to move on to that, and then the private disability gets reduced quite a bit, while social security pays for a bit of it.

    Anyway, I have been going through the application process and just received a denial letter. It stated that I am not ill enough to not be working, which is obviously not the case, and in my doctor's notes they all say that I am very unable to work. I have 60 days to to make an appeal.

    My question is, should I appeal on my own or get an attorney? An attorney will be quite expensive, as they take out a portion of your check each month and disability already does not pay well. The minimum is $6,000. I believe I can write a good case on my own, but perhaps if they see I got an attorney involved they will take my case more seriously. I have heard that almost all of the time the first application is denied by social security, so it's not uncommon to receive a denial letter.

    If I get denied a second time by social security, I'm not sure if my private disability will take that as a sign that they should cut me off completely. I really can't work, I would if I could. I can barely get out of bed because of the neurological problems I have due to CFS.

    Thanks for all your help!
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    Wishing you all the best, mine got turned back too some years back, out of nowhere even though everyone was aware I can't work and they are not requiring me to work but did state that according to the 'system' I am able to work partially. All of a sudden out of the blue without ever seeing me. Still don't understand the details about it.

    I did get legal help but the cost where low when you are on low income already over here. The cost for the docters reports where high though and even though having all the paperwork and documents and professionals acknowledging my situation the appeal was still turned down and I couldn't afford healthwise or financially to continue on to take it to higher court. I don't know how situations are over there where you are and how much energy you have to do it all on your own. I for sure hadn't and even though I couldn't go to the hearings myself and had help from both a friend and legal help it all did me no good and did my health a lot of damage because of all the processes I had to go through from docters visiting, visits and all the paperwork etc. So wishing you a lot of strenght and hopefully someone to support you.

    Maybe check for voluntary services maybe if you can't get any legal help that is affordable to you. You will need your savings if they take away your income. If you are sure you can handle it without to much damage go for it but I would have been better of if I just simply had let it slip and only focussed on living on a very tight budget. Now I had to anyways but on top of that suffered a lot of extra downtime from trying to make it through the legal shenanigans which doesn't seem to be about thruth anyways but just about paperworks. That's what made me feel worst about it, that even lawyers etc will try to win your case without seeming to be caring much about presenting what really is going on, just about what kinds of evidence they can present that make them win the case, truthfully or not and then make you go into even more costs to get evidence and even with thruthful evidence from multiple sources it's still being put aside by judges as unthruthful, really frustrating. But hopefully you will have more luck. Take good care of yourself.

    My case wasn't in the US so things may be different there.

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