Social Security Disability for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS/ME

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    There doesn't seem to be any threads in this topic. So I thought I would start one. :)

    I am homebound with cfs/me. I'm creating a free online guide to Social Security Disability in the US. It is a work in progress. Suggestions welcome.

    This guide is designed for anyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, affectionately known as CFS/ME, or the more easily-pronounceable Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

    If none of those words look familiar to you, don’t worry. Most of this guide will work just fine for other disabilities, too.

    Step One: Buckle Your Seat Belts
    Step Two: Find The Right Doc
    Step Three: Talk To Your Doc
    Step Four: Document Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Step Five: Document Other Conditions
    Step Six: Document Medical Evidence
    Step Seven: Document Functioning
    Step Eight: Prep Forms & Letters
    Step Nine: Visit The Social Security Doc
    Step Ten: Play The Records Game
    Just In Case That Was Not Enough To Read

    Everything Else Nobody Ever Tells You When You Apply

    Everything Else Nobody Ever Tells You After You Get Approved

    Typical Timeline

    Financial Survival Kit

    Success Stories

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