Social Security Disability Information Sent to Me:

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  1. DellaMae

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    Social Security OnlineAdult Disability and Work History Report
    Social Security's Definition of Disability
    We consider you disabled under Social Security rules if, due to a medical or mental condition:

    You cannot do work that you did before and we decide that you cannot adjust to other work because of your condition(s), and
    Your disability is expected to last for at least one year or to result in death.
    Unlike other programs, Social Security pays only for total disability. No benefits are payable for partial disability or for short-term disability. Social Security program rules assume that working families have access to other resources to provide support during periods of short-term disabilities, including workers' compensation, insurance, savings, and investments.

    More Information
    The above explanation is written in easy-to-understand language. For more details, read the official definition as written in the Social Security Act.

    The words Official Definition in the last sentence is what I had to click on to get to the other site.. in the next post I sent.

    Hope it helps some of us.

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  2. over50

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    Is the gov now going to stop paying people who have all thier limbs,and can see.Even though they cant function at a real job?I hope somebody can explain this one !
  3. Bailey-smom

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    Looks to me like SS only pays unless you are totally disabled and your disability is expected to last for more than 1 year or kill you.

    It also says that they assume that working families have other means of support during a short-term disability such as workers comp, other insurance, savings or investments. In other words - you should have put enough away to take care of your self to some extent.

    I do not see anything wrong with the statement itself - it is just saying that you should be expected to be responsible for your self for those short periods of time.

    It's not that you have a problem with what they say . . . you have a problem with how they act. You already know they only cover for long-term disability - it is just how hard you have to fight to get it & how they make you feel.


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