Social Security / Disability Tips?

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    Anyone out there care to offer tips for navigating Social Security / Disability system?

    My daughter has FM. I can only carry her on my medical coverage until she is 21 (or 23 if she stays in school full time). However, she can remain on it if they decide she is "incapacitated." The first step to a determination of incapacity is designation by SSA that she is disabled.

    I am not planning to apply for SSDI, I don't think (I am fortunate to be able to support her financially, but I don't want to have to buy health insurance "over the counter" if I can help it) - but is that the only way to get a declaration of disabled from SSA?

    This is probably a long shot in any case; their definition of "incapacitation" sounds a lot like comatose, but I figure it's worth a shot.

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    I'm just starting my proceedings for SSDI, so know very little about anything at this point. But I'm sure someone on this board has some useful info for you. Good Luck! She's soooo young to have to deal with this DD. Not fun for her or you as a parent.

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