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    Hello to all,

    This is my first post although I have followed along for quite awhile, I have been too fatigued to post. Just wanted to give hope to others. I was cut off from my disability insurance because of the diagnosis of CFS in January of this year. Unum has been in the news quite a bit lately. They gave me a 2 year limit because they consider it to be a self-reporting illness. Lucky for me I just went to court for SSDI and won. I think I have to pay all the money back to the insurance company though that they gave me for 2 years. Be persistant and get a good doctor who supports you.
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    smilemona New Member's a perfect chance for me to ask this question:

    Once you get disability and the checks start coming, how long do they last? Do they require frequent checkups to see how you're doing? Basically I think my question is, What is the protocol after receiving disability?

    WSim, I'm glad you got SSDI. :)
    Welcome to the world of posting!
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    I'd like the same questions answered. I am currently awaiting trial...could be 9 months or more. If I am approved, my first check if I get backpay goes to my car insurance since they are paying partial wage loss.
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    Thanks for sharing your good news. So many of us are in the process of trying to get SSD. It's always incouraging when someone does!
    PS if You feel like it let us know how it all works out with Unam (i've heard a few horry stories about them)
    and your experience with your new SSD.
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    You don't have to pay back everything they paid you, you just have to pay them back the difference between what they would have paid you if you were getting SSDI at that time and the full amount they actually did pay you. For example, if your TOTAL monthly benefit was $1500, and your SSDI amount would have been $500, the insurance company would only have had to pay you $1000 a month. So you owe them $500 a month for the months they paid you the full $1500. (It usually works out that you have to give them the entire "back pay" check from SS though.)

    And I was assuming (hoping) it was just from the time you applied for SS, not the entire period. If I'm liable for that whole time, I'm NEVER gonna get out of debt!

    My insurance company sends me a form every year for the doctor to fill out. So far that's all the hassle they've given me, except that I seem to get a new "analyst" every year--not sure if that's due to turnover or a policy of harassment--and, of course, the exTREME nervousness every time they call me...
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    The best insurance I've ever bought was a private disability policy when I started my first sales job (no DI benefits) in 1993. The policy had increased income provisions, and return of premium rider available (if no claims were filed when I reached age 65, I'd get all the $ I paid for premiums back). Benefits were to be paid REGARDLESS of other DI insurance or SSDI benefits. Of course I never thought I'd need to USE the disability insurance, because I was in optimal health at that time. So much for that.

    When I was Dx'd, I was advised by my Rheumy to file an SSDI claim. I told her I believed SSDI was for REALLY bad off people, not for me and my CFS, even though I'd just lost my job due to "performance issues" and had tried to work at several jobs since then for which I was underemployed and was terminated due to excessive absenteeism. She told me, "You don't know how bad this can get". Well, between then and now, I've learned that she was right.

    After the elimination period of my private DI policy, I filed a claim with the Ins. Co. which was denied. I wrote a very specific, concise letter in rebuttal. About a week later I rec'd a call from the Ins. Co. to schedule an appt. in my home for the following week with the VP of Sales who was going to be in my area (about 5 states away). After our meeting, I was approved and rec'd a check for $4,000 a few days later (back benefits and return of premium for the time I'd been disabled).

    Every month for the next two years I received my benefit check like clockwork. I had to submit monthly health status updates, and my Rheumy had to submit one every few months. My contact at the Ins. Co. was absolutely wonderful to work with. I couldn't believe I was treated with so much dignity and respect by an Insurance Company. I also found out later that I had a Vocational Rehabilitation rider, which will pay $6500 for job retraining if and when I ever decide on a new career that I can DO on a regular basis. The catch is that I have to be disabled when I start any sort of job retraining. This is the part I'm struggling with since I don't want to set myself up for any more failures. My policy had a 2-year benefit period which has since ended. In retrospect I would've elected to have a longer benefit period, but when you're healthy it's hard to imagine being ill at all let alone for more than two years.

    As for the SSDI, I was denied the first time, and then contacted Scott Davis (info available on this website) in Phoenix who helped me get a fully favorable decision from the Federal Magistrate at my SSDI appeal. Supposedly this judge has a reputation as being one of the toughest as far as awarding a favorable decision. I have a 3-year review coming up for the SSDI, and not much has changed as far as my condition except for how I've learned to pace myself and accept my fluctuating energy level.

    Anyway, my only advice to anyone is to find a Dr. who takes copious notes. I believe my Rheumy's notes are the reason I was awarded SSDI benefits. Good luck!

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    Thanks, after reading your message I believe you're right. I will have to pay them back some because they paid me 60% of my salary which was considerable at the time.
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    I am so glad you got SSDI, I too started getting it in June (after being denied 2 times) But as far as paying it to the ins co? I learned the hard way you do have to. I ended up with nada, plus they expected Me to pay $500.00 worth of my lawyers fees!! I informed them no way am I doing that. But I will never get even again, everything I lost, home car etc will always be a memory...

    Again tho I am happy for you being approved finally :)
    Thake care
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    Do you know if you had to pay the insurance company for every month they paid you, regardless of when you applied for SSDI?

    And did your ins co pay the lawyer the rest of their bill? I assume my lawyer is going to get $4000 since that's the limit. I've always wondered how that got paid, since I can't imagine the insurance company happily reducing their amount by $4000....

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    thank you so very much for sharing your good news.
    i am just getting to the point of making the move to file...its only been 23yrs with fm....i'm not exactly ready to give in....however, it is no longer my choice, the body has made the final decision.
    it is encouraging to read of your success!!!
    thank again