Social Security Disabilty and Kaiser evil HMO Doctors

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    This "AH" Doctor Waters at Kaiser South, Sacramento refuses to fill out some simple SSD papers required by an administrative Judge. He just refused. No good reason abiet, HMO kiss ass so that Kaiser can push worthless drugs on people and keep their 2.3 billion profit margin(for 2009)
    I find it offensive, malicious and frivilous to accept the high fee for medical care, office visits and medication and then act like they are above all as self appointed "GODs" and not realize that they have a responsibility to the patient. They do not have to fill out the papers the way the patient wants. But they do have to fill them out. If you have a Doctor that refused to fill out the papers, after the fee has been accepted by the medical secretary; then you have a Doctor that does not show any responsibility to the patient and that is typical of the Kaiser South Doctors at Sacramento CA. They are a disgrace to their profession and with all my sincere efforts I will do everything in my power to expose the quack/jerks that work for Kaiser.


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    If you have an attorney representing you, then notify the attorney and the attorney will probably speak with the doctor's office. If you don't have an attorney, then speak with the Administrator for the Kaiser Medical that you attend. Calmly explain that you are in the process of the Social Security Disability process and going before an Administrative Law Judge and this information is necessary--if the doctor will not complete the paperwork ask the Administrator or another doctor will (referring to your file). But don't accuse and remain calm because you want their help on this.
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    Welcome to the board. Have you been to the Disability/Benefits board on
    this site? See the menu upper right hand corner. If you don't have an
    attorney, you should consider getting one.

    Best of luck

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    In one single post, you have named your doctor by name and accused him/his organization of being evil, kiss ass, malicious, frivilous, GODS, lack of responsibility to the patient, they are a disgrace to their profession, and they are quack/jerks. JUST A HINT, THIS ISN'T THE WAY TO INFLUENCE ANY DOCTOR OR ANYONE TO COMPLETE FORMS FOR YOU. Now delete your angry post because you don't want it remaining on the internet and don't put the doctor's name in angry posts.

    If you go to the Disability Board, I have a post about talking to your doctor about your case. IT'S SOMETHING YOU SHOULD READ RIGHT NOW. Most people go into SSD cases without talking with their doctors about whether their doctors will fully support them in their SSD cases--I mean not only that the patient is not able to do any type of work, but that the doctors will support them by responding to SSD record requests and complete SSD forms to help the patient through this SSD process.

    The doctors may feel you can't do any work, but they don't want to be part of your SSD case and they don't have to. Doctors are not required to fully cooperate in SSD cases. In fact some doctors never respond to SSD's record requests or info requests and send nothing to SSD (that's why the claimant always provides copies of all medical records to SSD and never leaves it to the doctors' offices). Some doctors do not want the added burden and costs of providing bulk medical records and/or completing forms when they know there are so many SSD claimants out there.