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  1. I need help. I am scared to death. I know they are there to show how healthy I am. I dont want to talk to them becaus they use things against you like an attorney.Can anyone tell me what to expect and any advice. ruthie
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    They usually don't do much. They ask if you can bend. Say no. They ask if you can exercise, say no. Basically, if they ask you anything, just say you can't do it. They'll go over your medical file alittle bit. They usually won't go against what other docs have said, so if you're other docs said you can't do stuff, you're fine. They might ask you to raise your arms or some other stupid thing on the exam. Tell him it hurts too much to do it, but you'll try and do it half way.

    They want to hear one foot in the grave. Do not speak of hobbies, you're not supposed to have any. Do not speak of husbands, boyfriends, housework. Nothing. You can't do anything.

    Your doc visit probably won't be very long. They never are. The wait for the doc is long.

    Just tell him you can't move, you're too sick to do anything. You wish you could, but you can't.

    Good luck.
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    The way my lawyer explained answering questions to me was this: If they as you if you can answer yes (unless your in a wheelchair or on a scooter) however you say yes I can walk however I cannot walk more than _______ steps, feet, etc without severe pain in my ___________ (legs, low back, feet, or whatever pertains to you.... Can you sit? Obviously the answer is yes (because you are sitting in the chair, w/c, scooter etc..) however I can only sit for _________ mins. before I have to either switch positions, stand up, lay down due to severe pain in my ________. Can you bend? Yes I can bend but only enough to reach my upper thigh and then I have excruciating pain in my ____________. Do you sleep at night? My answer is a sometimes but not for more than 2 hours at a time due to pain in my lower back, I have to move positions frequently or even get up and sit on the couch for a little bit...and some nights I don't sleep at all due to insomnia, and pain.

    That way you are actually killing two birds with one them the answer to the question and also telling them how it affects your daily life. One question I thought I would be asked is When you go to the hospital for your migraines...or other pain issues are you drug seeking? Of course my 1st response was an angry NO! however my lawyer told me that this was not the correct answer: Yes I am seeking medications to help ease my pain from my migraine, FM pain or whatever I am there for. That is why we go to the hospital...looking for a medication that may ease our extreme and sometimes excruciating pain.

    As far as hobbies go..they didn't ask me anything about this but my answers would have been more like...I used to horseback ride but can no longer due this due to my extreme pain levels and the inability to get on the horse, off the horse and ride the horse! I used to love to read however I cannot do this anylonger because I cannot concentrate long enough and I have pain in my neck that doesn't allow me to read for any length of time.

    Hope this helps a little. Good luck, don't be scared, and be as truethful as possible and end your answers with how the activity affects your daily life! Hugs M
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