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    could u send me the website? shelnherm@yahoo.com thanx
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    Another good web site is: http://wwwscottdavidpc.com/articles.htm
    He is an attorney who only works on the west coast, but his web site has some good advice.
    I filled myself about 2 months ago, so I am just at the begining of the waiting period.
    Can anyone tell me how you make it thru the waiting period financially? My husband has be getting disability from SS for 8 years now, so there wasn't much $ to begin with when I was working. I haven't been able to work now for 6 months due to FM and it is really getting rough $ wise.
    Thank in advance for anyone's help.

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    thanks for your time

    my lawyer told me that my current rheumy told them that he didnt resond to any ssd claims. i was very dissapointed. hes the only rheumy in my area. hes told me on many occasions that i have lupus. been of of work for 3 years and seen 16 doctors. does this blow me out of the water?
    seems none of my doc want to stick their neck out to help me. what do you think? GOD BLESS FOY
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    or ask if you can pay him an hourly rate to fill out the paperwork.

    YOu have 5 years from not working till you start to lose your credits. so don't let your application expire.

    Keep it uptodate.

    COuldn't your doctors records be used? My doctor wouldn't help me but I got approved on the record -based on my medical file.

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    I did have to decide but they just signed me up for straight medicare. THen I had some time (90 days ?? where I could switch. So I switched from straight medicare (separate parts B & D, you get A without paying for it - that is hospitalization).

    Then I chose an advantage plan which included my A, B & D, hospitalization, doctors visits, and prescription coverage. If within those first days, 90?, I could switch if I felt I hadn't made the best choice for me.

    After that, then I think you can only switch during a certain time of the year - unsure, but end of the year?

    There is a tool online to help you decide - you plug in your state and few bits of info. It was pretty accurate.

    Also, there is a service, no cost, where you can get a rep. to visit with you face to face and help you decide what plan is best for you. They even factor in the meds you are on as some prescription plans cover some meds and not others.

    Just call the 800 number and they can help you on the phone or hook you up with someone who can sit with you face to face.

    Hope this helps,
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    Those of you have already applied, I have a couple questions.

    1) When you fill out the form online, do you have a limited amount of space to answer the questions that require a written response (vs. checking a box)? Or can you write as much as you want?

    2) I have printed out the disability report adult SSA-3368 form and the work history report. Are these the forms I would be filling out online?

    I keep getting confused because they say that it is required but not a formal application. Do they mean that you have not formally applied until you do a phone or in person interview? Or is there another form?

    3) Did you do a phone or in person interview? Do I have a choice? If so, which would you recommend?

    Thank you very much.
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    I dont remember the forms and I did it in person.

    I was reluctant to do the phone interview because I wasn't sure if they would be calling me on a good day or in the morning.

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    I have an in person meeting next week. They sent me a disability report (green sheet) to fill out.

    My question is when do you give them the medical records you have and I see so many saying they wrote narratives about what they can do and can't. Do you actually do that yourself and turn it in or what? I am just confused by the whole process.

    Thanks for your help.
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    After the application, I gave them a list of doctors. Then later, I was sent a questionnairre in the mail. This was in regards to my activity levels and limitations.

    There isn't much room so I added extra sheets.

    This is where it is important to be specific. Don't write I can't stand, instead write when I stand longer than 10 minutes, the blood rushes from my head and I feel as if I am going to black out, then I just feel drained and I have to lay down for a while. After a shower, I must lay down for at least 30 minutes before dressing.

    Those are the only three parts that I remember, the application, the doctors list and the list of limitations.

    Hope this helps,
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    Reposted here with Gramms permission:

    gramms 07/16/08 01:02 PM
    So happy for you. Now you can focus on your health.

    I appreciate your willingness to help others. Perhaps, when you are up to it, you can write a post in the sticky at the top of the page, outlining what you did, did you use a lawyer, what diagnoses were you approved for, that kind of stuff.

    All the best,

    Hope this helps! 07/16/08 01:24 PM
    In reply to some of your questions: I did choose to use a disability lawyer. I gave it a lot of thought & wanted someone to rely on. I was lucky. He was a referal from my son's lawyer & he only handles disability. It took nearly 2 yrs. (which is what I was told). During that time I was refused twice & appealed twice. So the next step was to request a hearing. During the last 3 months of waiting, I also contacted my congressman. He sent my name to the disability office with a letter of my situation. I'm not sure whether this helped or not. My disabilities are FM, hip bursitis, IBS, RLS, elbow tendonitis, carpel tunnel & plantar facitis. (wow). The judges questioning was very brief & it was a woman judge. My lawyer told me that he never lost a disability case in front of her. (wow). I'm still overwhelmed with the thought that I really, really won. Good luck to all. I hope this message helps some of you.

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    no, you are not babbling, and I really appreciate the information.

    However, it sounds it is as I feared it might be with limited space to write. I think I will find it hard to edit down what I already wrote (which is not overly long but likely will not fit in the space they allow). I think I will also have some trouble navigating, which I think I recall you posting about.

    But I did not think through the implications of doing the alternaives--phone and in person, and thank you for pointing them out, esp with the phone appt.

    I too wanted to get ahold of all paper copies of all parts of the application. I thought I would be able to answer the questions a little at a time, giving me time to think about them and gather the info, and I could then type the answers into the online application at times I was feeling up to it. But I am not sure that I have downloaded the entire application.

    If I were to do an in person appointment, can I bring the paper application already completed?, does anyone know? Or would the application be written by the social security person?

    I know that this process does not have to be set up to be this confusing, it is purposeful that it is this way, and that really really frustrates me.
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    Even these examples help me, as they confirm that I do not have the entire application on paper (which is what I did original think), and give me an idea of what I will be asked and how long my responses can be.

    I am sorry you had so much trouble. I can relate, as I have problems with the same things you mention, and tend to have bad luck in having things go wrong.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    I think I might go crazy trying to complete it with the limited character spaces, so think I may do an in person appointment.

    I guess my first step should be to call and make initial contact, and then I can get an impression of what I'll be dealing with.
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    I just received my letter, finally "Fully Favorable" and I'm not sure what the following statement means. If any one can help, please do.

    This Decision is Fully Favorable to you

    Another office will process the decision and send you a letter about your benefits. We have not yet made a decision about weather you meet the nonmedical requirements, but we will make the decision soon. You will get a notice about the amount of your payments if you meet the nonmedical requirements.

    What is a nonmedical requirements?

    Thanks for any help!

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    I found out that, that means I qualified for the benefits due to medicals conditions, now what is left is to make sure I have enough credits, work history etc to finish the packet. That isn't going to be a problem as I already know that I have those things in order.

    Thanks for the response.

    God Bless

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    will try to keep it simple, confusing topic

    but has anyone ever had partial private disability thru work and then had to apply to feds/ssdi? anyone know how that works?

    also, does anyone know how working parttime instead of full time for many years effects the payments?

    and someone mentioned about assets in post above, how does it work if you own a house or something? does that negatively effect what you qualify for?

    good luck to y'all going thru that messy sounding process, i may be there with ya soon.[This Message was Edited on 07/25/2008]
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    Hi everyone,
    I started new thread that only contains SSDI approvals and would love to have your testimony. The thread is titled "SSDI - Social Security Disability Testimonies - Add yours".

    I would like to ask anyone who has been approved to add a post with their testimony. I think it would be helpful to those here who are struggling to apply or who have applied and are struggling with the wait.

    Some helpful things to know - if you are uncomfortable with any of these questions - just skip the question. Any info would be helpful.

    1. Did you use an attorney/Allsup or go it alone?
    2. Were you approved on the record or after a hearing?
    3. How many times were you denied?
    4. Did you have a doctor's general attitude of support?
    5. Did you have a doctor's help with a letter or report?
    6. Which impairments did you get disabilty for?
    7. How many other health issues do you have?
    8. How far back did your back pay go?
    9. When you were approved? How old were you?
    10. What state do you live in?

    I think just seeing the number of testimonies will give support and encouragement to those still struggling.

    If you can't find it the post, then post here and I will copy it to that thread.


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    No wonder I didn't get any responses on the main message board.

    Today I got my disability statement in the mail. How much longer does it take if you let Soc Sec contact Dr.'s for your records vs. having them copied & bringing them with you when you file? It is so expensive for them to be copied. My file HAS to be thick.

    The records ofc at my PC office said she needed to know what exactly SS would want. (1 yr, Dr.'s notes AND labs?)

    The PC has most Dr. visits & test results, but the neurologist is the one who diag'd me.

    Also, will they want to see all records from all other Dr.s over the last 7 yrs.?

    Should I make an apptm. with the 2 main Dr.s that I see & ask for a letter talking about my disability?

    Should I make an aptm with SS & file now, or get some of these things done?

    I was hoping to get things in order to have a better chance of being approved.

    Thanks for any help

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    Hi Jenny,

    I take a look at this thread every now and then and saw your thread this morning.

    I wish I could help you but I have an attorney, at the appeal stage, and attorney doing all of the "leg work" for me. I'm sure there are many who have filed and won themselves without an attorney.

    I do know that you can do a search on SSDI and find some answers (at the top left). There are sites like ssdi secrets dot com, etc. on here.

    Hopefully someone else will see your question and give you some answers. Maybe you could post a thread and name it, "SSDI Question in the SSDI Thread", or something like that.

    Take care,

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    Get the book "Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability". It is the best money you will ever spend in fighting for your benefits. You can find it on Amazon, and I'm sure bookstores can order it for you.

    Some of the chapters just for your info:

    Applying for Disability Beneifts
    Getting Benefits Durning the Application Process
    Proving you are disabled
    Who decides your claim
    How age, education and work experience matter (important chapter)
    When benefits begin
    Reasons you may be denied benefits
    Appealing if your claim is denied
    Once you are approved
    Continuing disability review
    Your right to representation
    Then multiple chapters on various qualifying disorders

    It has examples of the forms, definitions for terms and so much more. This book helped me tremedously, and also helped my docotr when it came time for him to write a letter on my behalf. My doctors 5 page letter won my case. Even the medical expert and judge said it was the best letter they had seen, and how it helped explain my problems.

    I am 56, live in Arizona, I filed 10/05 using Allsup. I was denied twice, and won my case before the ALJ on 5/9/08. I was awarded back to my first day off of work 4/05. I also wrote to my congressman when it was taking so long to get a judge assigned.

    Much luck to all of you who are filing. Don't give up hope or the fight!

    M J