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    I just got back on the internet.

    Here are my responses to your questions in ***,

    FWIW: I was approved in 2 months. I did not have an attorney or any help. Just stumbled through it and was approved. My testimony is the 9th post on page one of this thread and also on another post - search my name.

    Duh!! I just found this thread 08/14/08 09:35 AM

    No wonder I didn't get any responses on the main message board.

    Today I got my disability statement in the mail. How much longer does it take if you let Soc Sec contact Dr.'s for your records vs. having them copied & bringing them with you when you file? It is so expensive for them to be copied. My file HAS to be thick.

    *** I just let the SS representative do it. If I had thought about it I might have brought them in. But I wasn't prepared.

    The records ofc at my PC office said she needed to know what exactly SS would want. (1 yr, Dr.'s notes AND labs?)

    The PC has most Dr. visits & test results, but the neurologist is the one who diag'd me.

    Also, will they want to see all records from all other Dr.s over the last 7 yrs.?

    *** I would list all the doctors and hospitals you have been treated by and they will decide which ones to exclude. They did not get records that were very old (5 years old).

    Should I make an apptm. with the 2 main Dr.s that I see & ask for a letter talking about my disability?

    *** You could try that. I did not have help in this area.

    Should I make an aptm with SS & file now, or get some of these things done?

    ***I would make a list of all the doctors that you have seen then file.

    I was hoping to get things in order to have a better chance of being approved.

    *** please refer to my post and get some ideas. Make sure you have the SSR ruling in your package. It is listed in my post.

    Thanks for any help


    *** you're welcome. not sure if that will help
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    I just wanted to share their name with everyone:

    Shapiro & Siegel- the best attorney for Social Security!!!!

    They basically handfed the SSA office and got my approval so fast!!!!

    They sent in the request on Tuesday and by Friday it was approved!!!

    We are all struggling and I wanted to share this. 203-327-2273 is their number.

    -Ruthann - actually Aaron wrote my request (the atty's nephew who just finished law school). He's extremely bright!!

    This happened so fast that I had to share with everyone

    -My name is Ruthann (feel free to tell them that I sent you- I get no kickbacks, but am just so darn appreciative of them and I want them to know it!!!!)
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    In 2005 Oct I was admitted in the hospital for chest pains. I ached all the time all over. for a long time. The Ekg had indicated that I indeed had a heart attack. but I did not after running further test and being the hospital without insurance for 7 days. The doctor asked me to consider the possibility I have fibromyalgia and also they found rumatoid arthritis in my knee. I researched this illness and found to have all the symptoms. However, I do not have insurance, so I have been taking supplements and herbs to get me through and ibprophen..I started going to clinic. but they lost all my records so mysteriously..Now I am seeing a reumatologist and he confirmed it is fibromyalgia. and he put me on several medications. expensive with no insurance. I have tried to work for several years but only work a few months and have to quit due to the pain being unbearable. I owned my own business for five years and it does not show on my ss statement of me working during those times. They say I am not eligible for a certain type of benefit due to my work history. but what will I be elegible for? and how do I see a doctor on regular basis without insurance. we barely make ends meet. we live in florida and it is tough here. any suggestions as to what I need to do?
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    I have been reading this thread and boy it takes me back to those unhappy times, I think you can have a sort of PTSS from going through the application process. Even though i was approved about 16 months ago, I am still pinching myself that " I got it". That being said do I dare risk it by taking a 10-12 hour a week job just to get out of the house. I do not want to take any risks that could jeopardize benefits, NOTHING is worth losing the benefits. Also, since I got the benefits do i need to worry about being reviewed again, how often does that happen and who has been through that??? PLEASE chime in if you have IP, because these questions have been posted and not answered by others too. Thank you
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    I (and many others on here) aren't well enough to answer your questions, but I think you'll find lots of help if you ask people who are part of Disinissues.
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    I applied for disability for chronic fatigue and post-traumatic stress disorder 2 years ago and was denied. Then I went to a lawyer, and he said I needed to see a psychiatrist about chronic fatigue. I was surprised that he saw it as a mental illness. I didn't go. I didn't see any point to it. My family doctor had diagnosed chronic fatigue, along with post-traumatic stress disorder.

    PTSD gave me the most debilitating set of symptoms, and was the reason I lost my job. That's much better now, but the chronic fatigue has continued all along, and has kept me from working more than 15 hours/week at a new job, even while my husband was unemployed. On the lawyer's advice, I appealed the claim on the basis of chronic fatigue only.

    It's been over a year since I talked to the lawyer. He said to wait until I hear from him, and that it takes a year to get a response from the government. Maybe I did not pick a good lawyer.

    I just wondered if anyone had to get a psychiatrist's opinion on chronic fatigue in order to get disability. (sorry for all the extraneous info!) --Jean
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    you wrote:
    They say I am not eligible for a certain type of benefit due to my work history. but what will I be elegible for? and how do I see a doctor on regular basis without insurance. we barely make ends meet. we live in florida and it is tough here. any suggestions as to what I need to do

    I believe if you do not have enough work credits for SSDI (a federal program) you may qualify for SSI (a state program).

    Medicaid would be the health insurance you would get if your qualify for SSI. The income requirements are so low that it is hard to qualify.

    Please check and hopefully you can get some help.

    I have not had my first review yet, but I have been told to expect it every three years. I was approved in Oct of 2006.
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    I did have to see a psychiatrist. Was sent by SSA. I don't think that picking the lawyer has anything to do with it. When I hired my attorney, I was told it would take about a year before I would hear from them and it did. Then, it took almost another year. I waited about 3 1/2 years and finally received my award letter today.

    There is some good information on this board. Also, some sites suggested by others here.

    Good luck to you,

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    I'm new here and in the process of my claim...yesterday I recived a letter with an appt to see a PHD for a psychological exam...take my ID, meds with me...What is this exam...do I need to write anything down to take with me..I have a major prob with remembering..my husband is taking me...as the meds I take for pain are way to much for me to drive...guess it could be my panic attacts..but should I be worried?
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    I also am scheduled for a 2 hour psychological exam and a physical where I am to bring shorts and a t-shirt. What will I be required to do? Does anyone know?

    Does it look bad for me having to have 2 exams by DDS? Just wondering?! I know 4 of my 6 doctors sent in medical records so I think it is strange they don't seem to have enough medical information on me.

    thanks for any help.
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    The guy i talk to said i would have to see two drs a regular and a head dr.
    So i just thought it was me?
    What state are you in?

    Just got my application in with allsup tuesday
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    Clearly my question was addressed to somebody who might be in my shoes not those that are suffering so horribly they cant type. Really, it seems everybody is on their deathbed except when something is important to them, my question was posted because i wanted feedback from somebody posting here that just may be working part time and I know there are a few. To everyone else, I have been there too, my sympathy and prayers are with you always, where there is a will there is a way. Dont give up. Read what I went through on my old posts, I have been there too.
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    Most of my Dr. records have come in & I'm ready to mail everything to Soc Sec for disability. I'm working on the suggested letters from treating Dr.'s (and family, friends, etc.), who can testify to my condition. What does Soc Sec look for in these letters?

    Does anyone, who was approved for disibility already, have a sample of what family or friends wrote?

    I would greatly appreciate help.

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    Congratulations on being awarded your disability. I know it has been several months since your post but I just came across it tonight. I applied for my disability last May 08 and I have just gotten a letter from SS advising that I have to see their doctor next week for evaluation. You said you got back pay. Do you know if they are still giving back pay, and how far they go back? Is it the date you became disabled, or the date you filed for disabiliity? I believe that I read on the SS site that you would be paid from the date your disability began instead of the date you filed but I am unsure because my short term menory is shot!
    Again I am so happy for you. I pray that I will be awarded mine as well but honestly speaking, the forms, fatigue, and fibrofog has put me into a flare. Not to mention trying to survive financially while all of this is going on.
    Best Wishes,
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    I live in VA also and filed my own disability claim as well. I have FMS & RA. I filled in May of this year and just got a letter telling me I had to see their doctor for assessment. I sure hope I am approved. Please keep me posted as to how things go for you.
    Best of Luck
    Eva Rose
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    Hi Jam,
    I too filed online and went through the exact same thing as you described. It seemed as if they asked the same questions but worded them differently. At the end of the report, I was so stressed out and confused, I don't know if I answered in a way that will be the best for me.
    Thank you for sharing and good luck
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    Actually I went to see an Attorney the day before and I was just asking questions. I didn't realize she was putting me in the System until AFTERWARDS.

    I asked her if she could do that because I was still working but I knew that I had only half day at work because I was starting to have a meltdown and by the time I got to my Doctor's Office I was DONE with work.

    I'm over 50 and have been at my job for almost 20 years.

    I have Fibro/CFS/OesteoArthritis/Scoliosis low back, strange place. I also have Generalized Anxiety, Depression, Post Traumatic Distress Order.

    I work in hell. It was a very HOSTILE enviroment and my job was the cause of me finally breaking down.

    My Doctor said I was so drained that he didn't know how I made it to his Office.

    He has taken me out of work for 4 weeks, I see him every 1-1/2 weeks.

    He told me that the STD/LTD would be a b^*ch to get because those companies don't recognize Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, so I told him that when I got depressed, anxious, PTSD, that the Fibro/CFS and Arthritis would bring me to my knees...that I stay in bed for days.

    He is working hard for me..he said it is time to be home because I'm not in good shape at all ( after I was taken to the Hospital with Chest Pains ) he put that in the paperwork also.

    Please wish me luck as I have had money and now I don't.

    I'll say a prayer and light a candle for all of you here.

    Take Care.

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    You can go to work on SSD but you cannot make more than $800.00 a month.

    If yu're really nervous about it then call SS Office and ask them. You don't have to give your name.

    Take Care.

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    Hello alangan,
    I am one of those on SSDI who is well enough to work part-time. I first started working about 15 hrs/wk about a year and a half after I stopped working due to CFS. When I started working, ironically, my SSDI had just been approved a few months before. I notified the SS office and the lady was like "You're working already?" not taking into account the 1 1/2 yrs I was not able to work at all before SS approved me. You should always notify SS if you do any work while receiving benefits. My experience with SS was that I went to vocational rehab and did a ticket to work. My case wasn't reviewed because of part time work. I only made about $400/month maximum.

    I did start to work full time later, used up my trial work period, then realized I couldn't do it due to the fatigue and my SSDI was restarted immediately with no review as I was in the 36mos extended period of elegibility. This probably won't apply to you if you only work part time.

    As long as you stay under the SGA (I think its around $700/mo now) you will most likely be ok. I know there are a lot of people afraid to work at all on SSDI, but I had no problem with this. I am working part time now-about 20 hrs/wk only making $400/mo as it is a stipend position. I did post about part time work on the other prohealth CFS/FM board if you want to check there before they take that board away.
    Hope this helps answer your questions.
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    This document you posted addresses CFS, but says nothing about fibromyalgia. Fibro has been proven to be an objective disease based on pressure points, so I don't see how this document applies to it.