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    I've been confused about SSD backpay also. I quit my job in 5/05, filed 1st claim 2/07. Was denied at hearing level in 3/08, then started all over in 6/08. I'm at the reconsideration level at this time.
    I've read/heard that 1) backpay starts from the time you quit work, 2) 12 months prior to filing date, 3)from the date you filed. I have no idea what the answer is!
    If anyone has any information on this I would very much appreciate it!

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    Zen, of course you're correct. Fibromyalgia is accepted as an objective illness by the American College of Rheumatology.

    Unfortunately, SSA is very bureaucratic and looks to see if a diagnosis is on their official List of Impairments. Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis, for example, are. However, neither Fibro nor CFS are on this List.

    The SSA Ruling is the closest to a "listing" CFS and Fibro have. It helps SSD reviewers who could easily reject a claim because it doesn't have a listing. While the Ruling's emphasis is on CFS, Fibromyalgia is mentioned in a footnote.

    Of course, a doctor's written explanation of how you meet the ACR's tender point diagnosis for Fibro is also essential to a claim.
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    I finally received a date for my SSDI hearing. It will be in March 2009, exactly 3 years from my original application. I can't wait.
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    I haven't been online for a while, but sure could use some advice!

    I have gone downhill over the last 6 months. I am down to working just 1 day a week and even that is getting to be hard to do.

    My mom thinks I should file for disability, but I am not sure I would qualify. I would love your opinion on if I should file and also if I should use Allsup.

    I am 42 yrs. old and first saw my family doctor last August. She referred me to a Rhuematologist. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis in spine, & severe Sleep Apnea.

    These next one's were mentioned in my Rheumatologist appointments, but I don't know if he actually charted them as being diagnosed: Chronic Fatigue, Depression, & Restless Leg Syndrome.

    Would really appreciate any and all advice and if you think I would qualify or have enough to file on. Thank you! Springfling
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    You can start your application yourself, that much I know; and the sooner the better.

    By the way, for what it's worth, if you've been assigned a judge for an upcoming hearing, you can find his record of denials and approvals at:

    no matter what part of the country you're in.
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    You cannot request a different judge. Unfortunately it's apparently the luck of the draw. You can only hope that if you are turned down at the first appeal, on the 2nd you won't get the same judge tho there's no guarantee.

    I wonder why you cannot pull up the SS thread? Can you maybe go to the library and do it? That's what I do when something is wrong with my computer and I have to do something.

    Have you called SS at all yet to start your application? If you haven't, that is the first step to take, regardless if you decide to later hire an attorney or not. Most people don't get an attorney until the initial turndown + the turndown on the automatic reconsideration 6months after the first turndown as that is when you actually file an appeal.

    What you need to do is to get all your records and request narrative reports from your doctors after every visit. This is important not only to document your appointments and your problems, but for you to review as there are often many errors, even with doctors who are "on your side" & believe you are disabled, believe it or not.

    But regardless, the first thing you need to do is call, you can set up a phone app't or an app't to go to a local office.

    all the best,

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    I am in the prosess of application, I am using allsup, it was all just to overwhelming to me and I knew I needed help, there are reems of paperwork, and deadlines so I just called them from the beginning. I don't care how much it costs if they can help through this, I have enough other things totry to deal with and they have been great, very kind and made answering the questions easy since it was all done in a conversational way that I could follow. My rep and the other ladies I have spoken to have all been great. They answer all my questions and never put me off like they don't have time for me. I have gotten a call back everytime they said they would and feel very good about them. I hope this helps someone who is thinking about ssdi. I would have never been able to get it together to do this without them.
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    Here is a link that discusses the importance of affidavits when we have unusual diseases. Our credibility is at stake with the judge and this attorney feels it is most helpful to have notarized statements from people who know us and have seen us change. A previous supervisor is especially valuable.

    I've just asked 2 old friends to provide short statements to SS.

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    If you feel you need more time to file, by all means, cancel the phone interview. It's best to take the time to do this right, IMHO. You can always reschedule.

    You know, I'd call again, get another person, and ask once more if you can file an application by mail.

    If the answer is no, try calling once more. It's amazing how many different answers to the same question one can get at SSA!

    Maybe there is a different form available for mail-in applications. Maybe not.

    If there is no mail-in application, you might consider printing out the online one and adding sheets of paper as needed to fully answer the questions. Just be sure to label everything carefully (for example, "Question 5, continued").

    You will have to have contact with a Social Security reviewer at some point. Frankly, if it's at all possible, I'd go in for a one-on-one interview.

    Have you seen the "Adult Disability Starter Kit" on the SSA website? It can be found at


    Good luck, and hang in there!

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    It's a very upsetting process. I applied some time ago but remember what a nightmare it was.

    Your health is the most important thing to hang on to. If you can afford Allsup, I say go for it. By law, they can only charge so much for representing you.

    I did both the initial application and the reconsideration on my own and hired an attorney for the hearing. If I had to do it again, I would have hired someone from the start.

    I hope your decision brings you some peace of mind. Try to relax if you can. I think you will feel much better handing this over to someone else.

    Take care,

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    Allsup doesn't charge a fee until you receive your SSDI. Then they can charge up to 25% of your retroactive award (the money Soc Sec owes you from the day you became eligible to the day they actually approve your claim). That's it!

    Check out ww. allsup.com for more information. I did not use them, but it does sound like they're helping people like us.
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    I want you to know that your post in June of 2008 was so very helpful to me. I read and re-read your tips (along with many other articles here, there and everywhere!), and applied them to my own disability application last December.

    I received a letter last week stating that I had been approved!

    The down side is they are saying that the date of disability is my 50th birthday in January 2009, not the actual last day I was able to work in June 2008. I know it has to do with job training issues not being applicable after age 50. I could argue it, but I think I'll take what I can get and be happy about it!

    Thanks again for your help!

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    Unfortunately , I just received my denial at the appeals council level. I have so many chronic illnesses and some days I am so sick that I can hardly move. This is just so depressing. I don't know what I will do now. I don't know if I have the energy mental or physical to start all over again.

    I'm not sure what happened except I found out that my lawyer had been reprimanded by the state board and had to stop practicing for 2 years right before I met and signed up with her. My guess is that there is a huge prejudice against any case that she accepts.

    If anyone has any ideas / prayers / information for me , it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you
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    Betty, I don't know if regs have changed, but when I applied for SSDI 7 years ago, I applied within 1 week of my FM dx, while on my state's Temporary Disability Insurance program. I was approved within 7 months of my initial claim. I live in RI. I would eccourage anyone to apply immediately upon their diagnosis. I am a disabled RN.
    Now I'm facing a different challenge. The college that I was teaching at is closing and I have been without a job for over 10 months. I'm an RN/BSN, Board-certified in Community/Public Health nursing, with 40 years of experience. I've sent out 100's of resumes, gone on 50+ interviews over the last 6 months, and no one has even called me back. Discrimination along with a weak economy has done me in! As far as the state's Rehab Vocational Counselor, he is useless! I submitted my pages and pages of info at least 2 months ago, and I've heard nothing from that office. Any suggestions?
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    For the official ruling stating that SSDI, including Backpay, is off limits from the Trustee see
    this website:


    Sorry, I don't know how to cut and paste pdf files.

    Hope this can help someone.
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    Where do I go? Patti
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    A friend of my son has had schizophrenia most of his life. He has, however, been able to work sufficient time to get Social Security. He is now taking low paid temporary jobs. Fortunately for him his father was a very wealthy man who left his money in an airtight trust for his son. The trust pays this guy $2200 a month allowance, pays all his utility bills and taxes, and all upkeep on his house. Recently he had about $70,000 on his credit cards, and filed for bankruptcy. About a week later the trust found out what he'd done, paid off the credit cards, and ended the bankruptcy. He next applied for SSDI and RECEIVED IT WITHIN 2 WEEKS.

    I read Linda Fullerton's web site. How on earth did this crook manage to pull it off?


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    Hello to all,

    I have a different question that I hope someone can help with. 3 years ago I applied for disability due to CFS and to my surprise, was accepted on my first try, without an attorney. The letter said I would have a disability payment for up to 3 years. At the time, I thought there was no way I would still be unable to work after that time limit, but unfortunately that is the case.

    What happens when you are "re-applying"? I know they will send paperwork, but do I have to start from scratch, or do they just re-contact your MDs to see if all is still the same? Is it harder to retain, or maybe a bit easier to keep since you cleared the first hurdle in getting it?

    I want to work, have worked since I was 16 (I am now 50) and pretty much have a miserable existance...I used to be very active physically and mentally. Now I sit, sleep and am alone alot while my friends continue on with their lives. I am getting nervous that I may be denied as they may think 3 years of coverage is enough...can anyone give me their experience with the renual, for lack of a better word? Thanks so much to everyone!
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    I've had fibromyalgia since 1994, and I applies for social security disability which took 4 times of reapplying. At that time, they did not know anything about this illness. If you are employed, all you need to do is make sure all your medical records can be obtained. Go into the website "socialsecurity.gov, and you'll even be able to apply on line. Your amount of your disability benefits depends on how long you were employed, and how much you contributed to you medicare (fica) tax. If you haven't worked long enough to accrue credits, they still have a benefit called SSI. I don't what the amount is now, but if log onto the website you'll be able to obtain a lot of information. Its not difficult to qualify for disability with this diagnosis, infact I believe fibromyalgia is one of the top of the list. During the time I attempted to obtain disability, even with all my physicians explaining that I am not capable of working I was denied. It should not take you long to receive benefits as long as you have the medical records to go along with the diagnosis. Good luck
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    My wife told me the lawyers office called and said they would represent me,they get paid if they win the case.I am new to this forum and have been reading here for a long time,i suffer from chronic pain which i know there is more to it.My doctor is finally sending me to another doctor who is more qualified as chronic pain is invoved.I have been suffering for about ten years now,it took me five years to see a doctor,the pain and discomfort was really getting out of control.Anyway i really want to thank you all for sharing everything,i took and just kept reading and started the paperwork for ssi about two years ago,and have just been represented by a lawyer as of yesterday,they are Jenkins and Block and they are located in Cambridge,MD. I have heard they are really good,so thank you all and never give up,this is really great news for me,especially at this time of year.I have been trying to get a lawyer for two years,so please just keep at it. Thank You!!