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    I know that they don't ask about the 18 tender points in diagnoseing fibromyalgia, I just put in a appeal for SSD, and I know my case is a hard case to win because I am a nurse assistant and been one for 14 years and been working at a hospital for 8yrs and been getting confussed. Because I been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004 but had been working as a nurse assistant, until April 2009 . My doctor was also at the hospital I worked for that had diagnosed me with thoracic spondylosis and lumbar herniation with bilateral hamstring and gluetenae tendonitis, ostearthritis of the left hip and bursitis of the right hip and a stage 1 DDD. In June he authorized to return to work with restrictions not to lift more than 20lbs , sit or stand 4 hours alternate; My department could not accomodate it so then he changed it and said I can return to work and also changed in my medical report but I had no surgery and did not even start physical therapy and then I did start Pt and the therapist notice some muscle weakness in my right leg. after I started physical therapy my medical insurance has elasped and they now want me to pay my premium out of pocket but I also recieved a notice that my position is no longer available. So will this fall into my favor even though my medical report says two different things?
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    I got sick in early 2006, filed by October 2006, went through all the rejections and paperwork. Somewhere in the second year I got a lawyer. I guess our Seattle office is incredibly backed up because they finally assigned me to a judge from Houston.

    I had a teleconference hearing in August that took 12 minutes. I wasn't asked one question about my health, only bureaucratic stuff like 'have you been in jail?'. My attorney was delighted, it was clear to her that I passed.

    I got a letter in October officially saying I was disabled. I started getting monthly payments in November.

    Today, finally, the back pay showed up. We'd called and asked why it took so long, as did the attorney, and no one at SSA had a clue why or when it would come.

    It took 3 years and 10 months. It took 5 months just to get the (considerable) back pay after I was approved.

    As so many of you know, I feel like it was a war. I could never have done it on my own. My wife handled the original paperwork and it made her crazy.

    This is NOT supplemental income, this is the disability for regular social security. I had worked over 40 years and paid into this with the promise that I'd be paid either at 66 (full retirement) or at disability.

    One great irony is that I turn 66 this month and last week I actually got a letter from SSA saying I am no longer on disability, but on regular retirement now. This letter came before they gave me my back pay. Jerks. Do they ever read their own letters?

    My attorney was Susan Andrews at Causey Law Firm in Seattle. I can't say enough about her. She did a super job, worked hard, she's smart and funny and sympathetic. She spent a lot of time researching and compiling records and writing a summary for the judge. I think it made a huge difference. My only regret is that I didn't call her sooner.

    My main issue was probably pain and the inability to sit. I have chronic pelvic pain of undiagnosed origin that started when I got the 'flu' in 2006. I came out of that flu with colitis, gluten sensitivity, chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

    I've had an easier time than many because I do have support, I have a long history of being energetic, athletic, and a hard worker, so no one really questioned that I was somehow faking it all. The difference was dramatic. And I think doctors are a lot more sympathetic to older people in pain.

    I've learned so much about how to handle this from this forum, I thank you all.
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    Hey Sharon... I would get a SSDI lawyer to do all the work for you. They will not charge you anything until you receive your settlement. That would be all your monthly payments you would have gotten from SSDI, from the day you applied til the day your are granted benefit. I am sorry to say it took me a little over 2 yrs...and it was very stressful financial for me and my family...in fact we lost our home. But you have to apply and get the ball rolling. And then there will be paperwork for your doctors to fill out, which is a major factor when they are deciding your case. I was lucky to have some great doctors with awsome bedside manners. I couldnt have done it any other way, as I would cry at every visit and still do. OMG I just saw the date you posted your questions. Oh well, I am brand new to this. I hope you have since got some results. And hey, lets keep in touch.

    Diane Kettle
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    Hi, I have found so much helpful information on this website that I wanted to share something I found.

    There is a website that has copies of actual letters that people receive from Social Security when they apply for Disability Benefits. It has approval letters, denial letters, information from people who work for disability and stuff like that.

    It also has wait times for hearings and stories and other things like that. I thought it might help.

    I wish you all so much luck if you are applying for benefits like I am. Hang in there.

    The site is http://www.ssdfacts.com
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    Okay here's my response to be rejected twice. I have Fibro. After being rejected the first time, I called an attorney to help. I just got the second rejection. Have to let my attorney know this Monday. At this moment, I am frustrated. I am limited on my physical abilities too. I used to be a hairdresser for over 30 yrs. I worked with Fibro. It was not as limiting as it is now. I had a knee replacement, then my Fibro. condition worsen. I feel it was from being sedenary with recuperating from surgery plus the trauma to my body. Anyway, the whole thing is, I am frustrated with people not being able to actually see what I can and cannot do. This rejection letter told me that there was no reason that I could not continue doing my job as a hairdresser. Well, that's not going to happen. I cannot be up and around for too long of a time. I get too fatiqued at standing too long or walking too long of a time. The first rejection letter said since I can still get up and around and take care of myself, I am not qualified for benefits. I was told by someone at DVR, I am entitled to my own money I paid into this. To not feel guilty about applying for this. If I feel I really could get out ther and work at a reg. job, I certainly would! So, I am so disappointed, I could cry! I know that this is all normal. Still is frustrating. Plus the Doctor that SSDI had me go to be checked out, saw the way I am too, my limitations. So I guess that didn't count for anything on my behalf either.
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    I'am currently going through filing disability for Fybromyalgia. At fist I was denied the first time. I hired a lawyer to take my case. He informed me without a lawyer taking it to court without a lawyer representing me I stand at a 12% chance of winning. With a Lawyer you have a 60% chance of winning your case. It was never in my intentions to file disability. But after trying to work part time and not being able to get out of the bed every other day or so. My husband finally got through to me that I cannot work. I have always been an OCD about working until about five years ago. It took alot for me to swollow my pride. But now I know it is impossible for me to keep a part time or full time job. I hate it!!!! I have a good lawyer on my side. It's all in God's hands now.
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    I know exactly how you feel. My husband also finally got through to me that I couldn't work -after 28 years of working in the same office I had to take an early retirement. It was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do.

    I am at the SSA (ALJ) stage but I haven't been as fortunate with my attorney though. Mine doesn't seem to be "with it" and now I'm wondering if I should see about getting a different one.

    Good luck to you!
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    Suffered in some way or another since I was 18. FOUGHT IT TOOTH AND NAIL my entire life.. it catches up with ya..

    In 2008 I started getting my CFS even worse, it attacked my knees and I had to start using a cane, and I was so fatiqued I couldnt stop sleeping or get off my ass, its so not like me, I was a working non stop gal.. doing it all gal, Yeah I knew my body was telling me no stop and rest but I didnt listen so I fought my CFS tooth and nail.. and it really came back to bit me once I hit 50.. age is unforgiving to the body. Anway My income had gone down and down since I was unable to do the job I once did, so when I couldnt work at all I filed, went to the SS office and a man helped me fill out my paperwork, I took in a few left over papers and high lighted my CFS notes even though I was never offically DX with it.. my Dr was too lame and scared to label me, he did all the tests over and over for the past 5 years and a diff dr 8 years before that no one had the balls enough to DX me. So I said hell with you all the guy in the SS OFFICE TOLD ME you dont keed a DX if the SS office needs to they will send you to their own DR for a DX.. I filed in Early April 2010, I was not able to work since Aug 2009, and unable to do my job properly, (self employeed at this time) so my income showed I was going down hill fast.. and in Sept I got a letter to go see their Dr, and in 2 weeks after that I got my first check in OCT 2010 I am so THANKFUL!! I have became so much in debt living off my condos 2nd mortgage and c cards.. I will never catch up I dont think but I can at least pay my house and other bills... THANK GOD!!! HE IS amazing!!!
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    I'm glad it worked out for you. I want to file so bad but I'm scared to. I'm single and have nothing or noone to fall back on if I have to stop working when I apply and wait it out. I'm only able to work PT now and that just abt kills me. I've already lost my house and FT job and was forced to live in senior low income housing,which I hate. I could almost make as much on SSI or SSD as I make working PT so it wouldn't affect what I live on,I just don't know how I'll live without income coming in. I live in small rural town and we don't have very many resources for help.
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    It took me four years and four sets of attorneys and a very demanding appellate judge to finally be awarded my SSDI, but it was worth every minute of it. I will try to answer any questions.
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    I am so aggravated and MAD !! One of my grandsons is Learning Disabled and on the ADHD/Autism spectrum . I hadn't spoken to my daughter in a while but I finally did yesterday only to find that she will now be in the hole for over $2,000. From what I understand, he was OKed for the disability and was getting some checks. Now, she is told he is not Okayed and she has to give the money back ((that I am sure she has spent). She has very little money and I have been trying to help her some I don;pt have that kind of dough to help her. Hopefully, they will let her pay in installments.

    I really think that stinks. She has enough other bills too and will be needing a hysterectory soon too.

    I am just hoping that this isn't that start for all of you that have been getting benefits now that our country's finances have gone south and Medicare and SS is having so many problems., etc. I don;t want to start anything but I am so sad for my daughter, grandson and anyone here who may be getting disability checks (or getting them refused) and or having to pay them back.

    This is terribly sad for everyone.

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    I have been sick and off work for 2 months,my Dr took me off. At my last appt she told me I needed to consider SSD and that I could get it faster on mental issues than physical. I had already read that somewhere. That won't be a problem with me. I have both mental and physical. She told me to get a psych eval and that would help also. I'm seeing her again next week and I've decided to tell her that I just can't take working anymore and will she go ahead and say I'm disabled and can't work anymore so I can get the filing started.

    What I want to know is,can I go ahead and file for SSD and file for SSI too so I can have something to live on while I'm waiting. I would think I'd be eligible for SSI since I will no income at all. No way to pay bills or rent or anything.

    Or should I file for SSI first and let them know I'm filing for SSD? I read that a person can get SSI to live on while they're waiting for SSD approvable. but you have to pay it back when you get the backpay. Please someone tell me abt this asap so I can get it started. TIA
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    Can someone please answer my questions in the above post. I really need help. TIA
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    I was finally approved after giving up in the mid 90's after 2 denials. Took only Dec to July this time. I am so broke right now I can not purchase the curcumin product that helps me a lot so July 25th seems like the 12th of never but I am grateful to be able to see the end of near 30 years of struggling to keep a job while exhausted and in pain - it has been a nightmare that continues to be a reality for too many of us struggling to explain our impediments to our employers and the effects on our productivity. It is not enough to live on but after living on only $400 a month in public aid I am glad the menial labor jobs I ended up having to work is now paying me something in social security that I earned at least. I hope to get another degree in community development/organizing to empower folks in many different circumstances such as ours via advocacy.
    Keep applying and try the curcumin/boswellia for pain.
    Oh yeah does anyone else experience that electric shock-like symptoms where it throws you off balance inside - it's like a brown out and you feel the surge like an internal electric surge and an "internal stumble" ? Difficult symptom to describe but definitely a CNS issue.
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    My boyfriend used Allsup and got his SSDI within 6 months. It took me 3 years to get mine--I did not use Allsup.