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  1. ForeverFlaring

    ForeverFlaring New Member was the day. I went to see the doc SS referred me to.

    The very first thing he said to me is..." I am a psychologist with my own practice. I do not work for Social Security. I work for people. Even though Social Security pays me for my opinion, I always give a professional opinion. I am not your enemy, so lets work together."

    He was to say the least...AWESOME! We went over alot of things about my depression and I was bawling like a baby. We talked about all the jobs I had been fired from and how fibro affects me emotionally. He shocked me and said..."you know, all doctors are assholes about fibromyalgia." He went on to say he has treated hundreds of patients with fibro and it infuriates him how badly treated we are! he said he was angry that we were not listed in CDC and that no doctor wants to adequately treat our pain to give us our lives back. He said he has written letters to the AMA, to congress, everyone he could think of so that we can be recognized!

    He then said..."it's no wonder you are depressed. You have lost all quality of life, and sit here before me like a battered housewife, because in reality you have been battered by employers, doctors, and society!"

    So, even though he thrives getting the business from depressed untreated fibro cases, he is very angry that we are ignored and shoved under the rug!

    We talked about my physical and how horrid the doctor was who did my Social Security physical. He said...alot of doctors dont care about the results, they just want the extra money. You need to document everything that happened and send it in now!

    Now, back to the eval. I cried like a baby the entire time. I was entirely honest with him and had to keep switching positions to try to stay comfortable ranging between standing up and stretching to sittingback down etc.

    He asked the usual...did you drive here? How do you sleep at night? Do you cook? Do you clean? Do you drive? Everytime I gave him a "no" answer I cried harder and harder. The he asked me to count from 100 backwards by 7's..I got to 63 after a few minutes and he said ok. He then gave me a series of numbers and asked me to repeat them backwards. For the life of me I couldnt do it! I begged him to give me another chance because I was smarter than that! We tried again and I stumbled over it and couldnt do it. It got me mad so I cried even harder! He asked me what a dog and a lion have in common..all I could think of is they both have fur. he asked what an apple and orange have in common..I said you buy them both in the produce dept (what a stupid answer!) He asked me lotf of other stuff but I cant remember it all.

    When we finished up..he said..." you know, you are not all these things society tells you that you are. You are not a failure. You are not lazy. You didn't ask for this disease. You want to get better, but the restrictions society puts upon you makes it impossible to get better. You are a warm, sensitive and loving woman. Try to stop being a victim and fight for your rights!"

    You have no idea how good it felt to sit there and cry like that. he validated everything we go through and not only validated...he UNDERSTOOD!!

    His last words were...don't worry about this Social Security thing, I will do everything I can to help.

    Is that Awesome or what??
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  2. MemoryLane

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    I wish we could grant Medals of Honor to some of the good doctors like him. You should recommend him for the "Good Doctor" list.

    You are so lucky, I had a good experience with my Psych CE, but she only works for MHMR and does medication control.

    Good News!

  3. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Empathy and honesty.

    Oh how I wish all docs could be like this.

    Thanks for telling us about this positivie experience.


  4. sofy

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    If they find out he is a real person they wont send anyone else to him, for sure. If you send in an evaluation just say he didnt keep you waiting and was polite. We dont want a gem like that scratched off the list. I am so happy for you.
  5. JannyW

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    I sure hope for your sake he was being sincere ... don't mean to sound like I'm raining on your parade, but the SSA psych I saw basically gave me the same chat but reported that I was able to work. Will keep you in prayer for a favorable outcome.

    Jan ^v^
  6. ForeverFlaring

    ForeverFlaring New Member

    lets just hope there are thousands more just like him out there! I do think he was being sincere as he will be my psychologist from now on. It is ironic that I made the appt with his office and a few days later Social Security sent me a letter saying to go to him.

    I just have to hand all of this over to God and let him handle it as I cannot continue to stress out anymore.
  7. kadywill

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    I go to my Psych. eval on Monday, the 5th and I pray he is like this! I am a nervous wreck about the visit, as I don't do well with new doctors and I fear I'll say something to mess up my chances for SSDI. I am still planning on doing this, even though I mentioned trying to go back to work, because since I've stopped my steroids, there is NO way I could return to work! No way!
    I am so glad the appt. went well for you....I prayed it would.
  8. ForeverFlaring

    ForeverFlaring New Member

    The best advice I can give you is to be honest. I am not saying you would be dishonest, but I have a feeling these docs are trained well enough to know what is truthful and what isnt. I sat here for weeks on end reading what other people had experienced going to a SS psych and I had a game plan for how I would handle myself.

    When I got there, my entire game plan went to h-e-double toothpicks. Someone asked me a few questions, and the floodgates opened up. Even I had no idea how depressed I actually was until I let down my guard and opened up to someone face to face. I talk to my husband, but when I make comments about how he would be better off without me, he tells me to stop talking like that and cuts me off, rather than allowing myself to verbalize WHY I feel that way.

    Once again I am rambling, but if you are truly honest with yourself and the psych you go see, I think you will do well. I don't think it, I know it. I have prayed for you already for the 5th, and I will continue to do so.

    God Bless,
    Sandy (FF)
  9. sofy

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    I got my ss first time, no lawyer.
    My psych eval. was close to 2 hrs of cognitive testing. For someone who is majorly stupid I managed to be extremely bright, but did start to fall asleep. He was very nice, I never cried, he asked some personal questions.
    As I was leaving he asked me a question about my occupation and I gave him an answer that told him to think about a couple things before spending any of his time and money. He was very surprised and said so. I told him I told everyone that who asked cuz my reputation and self worth was more important than a little fast cash. I parted with "I have a very high inner moral code who is a strong master" I didnt think about it before but this could have been part of the planned evaluation. I am certainly glad I didnt try to be anyone or way except who I actually am.
  10. loopyloo

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    Hi foreverflaring
    i'm so glad you got a positive doctor who seams to be able to listen to you and sounds like he is on your side good luck with your ss claim

    kind regards Loopyloo
  11. lin21

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    It was so nice to read a positive post for a change and to hear that someone is on our side . I'm just beginning my SSDI battle and I hope I am lucky and get a psych like yours. This whole thing is a nightmare.