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  1. charlenef

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    how long does it take to get a court date they told me 12 to 15 months it hasbeen 16months anyone else have this problem? thanks charlene
  2. mrdad

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    I just read your Bio and it sounds as if you have been
    ill for quite a while. Sorry you are now having to wait
    so long for a hearing but I think the backlog of cases
    also depends on the region you are applying. It's too
    bad that you waited so long to apply as it appears that
    you should be entitled to benefits. Consult with your
    Attorney about the problem and have that person contact
    SSA to be sure t his isn't some other hangup.

    Hope you hear soon!
  3. Rose73

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    It took 18 months for me. I just had mine. I was told from 12 to 18 months. If you have an attorney. He or she may find out before that it is coming before the letter comes. The letter may have a paper that you will have to sign and to let the judge know that you will be present. Get that filled out and mailed right away. So I don't think it will be much longer for you.

  4. charlenef

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    thanks guys for your replies i just looked at them today. i hope the court date come soon. im afraid im going to make a fool of myself if they take to long when i go. i took my kids to the dr in january and they to to long and i was crying in the office because i needed to lay down talk about feeling like a jerk i could move for a month after that. thank you again charene
  5. BlueSky555

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    Hi Charlene,

    I was just denied for the 2nd time; received my denial letter this past week. I was very upset about it at first but it weighed heavily on my mind and the more I thought about it, the more I read the letter and the contents of the letter that listed my Drs. and the dates that I suppose, SSD reviewed my medical records. SSD also stated that I did have some restrictions, da, da da, da.

    I realized that first of all, a lot of important information to my case was NOT in my medical records at the time SSD reviewed them. Also, I had seen 2 more Drs. that were NOT listed in that letter.

    I may be wrong, but it seems that it may be a good sign on my part because I AM going to get an attorney/representative and appeal it, not to mention the "new" medical information I will have whenever my case comes up, which was your question.

    I had no idea how long it would take but after reading your post, know that it will be a long time. I just wanted you to know I am going through the same thing and also to prepare you to continue gathering ALL medical information as you go. (I learned this from my post from these nice/informative friends here).

    Good luck to you with your case and as everyone advised me, "hang in there, don't give up".

  6. mamacat

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    I am in the same process and live in California where apparently the backlog, as they like to call it, is worse than anywhere else because of our large population!?
    I have been selling off everything I own in an effort to keep my home while I wait on this ridiculous process to happen!!
    I am angry,stressed out, sad, frustrated, hurt and feel dehumanized!! Too bad so many people have abused this system and now those of us who are really sick and have a legitimate need and speaking for myself, have been a citizen, a hardworking, taxpaying honest member of my country, must be put through what seems like a criminal trial rather than a humane decision making process!

    Just a scant 10 years ago my son received his SSI within a year and once we got the Attorney (the same one I now have by the way) he got his SSI approved within 2 weeks without even having a hearing!! Now the attorney's cannot even hasten the process, supposedly!
    I truthfully sometimes do not know how much more of this I can take physically or emotionally. I am now on twice as much Xanax as I was on for my Fibro because of the stress each month of figuring out how I'll pay my bills and my mortgage!! I ended up having to find my own Pain Management Dr. and have to pay cash for his services and my pain meds!!
    I have, not only Fibro, but Post Polio Syndrome, Chronic Fatique Syndrome, Peripheral Neuropathy in my arms and legs coupled with RLS, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Degenerative Disc and Joint Disease with 4 horribly affected discs in my neck area, bony growths on my hands ankles and feet that make it difficult to walk now or even wear shoes and use my hands, Tremors, mental depression, panic Disorder and memory problems, TMJ Syndrome, some kind of unknown rash and skin condition all over my legs and feet and in my scalp, a lump growing on my head, dizzy spells, balance problems that cause me to trip and fall and injure myself, no appetite, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism and, well, many other problems too numerous to mention and yet I still keep getting told I can work, have a letter from my Dr. stating that I am totally disabled and unemployable, shoot, most days I can barely get up and do anything!

    I also believe it or not from this post am not the complaining type and hate to ask for help, but as things stand I wish I had someone to ask before I end up out on the street with my disabled son and all my dogs and cats.
    Part of the immense problem in my life is that I lost my Mom and my (future husband) domestic partner of 10 years, we owned our own local business, in 2004 and he was the sole support of our family. That forced me into a Bankruptcy and his Life Insurance monies did not last very long at all.
    Sorry to ramble on but I just needed to vent about this awful problem, happening in the richest country in the world, something just isn't right when we are made to suffer this injustice only because we had the bad fortune of getting ill. If most of you are like me you'd much rather be out working and supporting yourselves am I right?

    Good luck and God Bless to all of you out there, I by the way have received my notice, that they, (SSI) have received my request for a hearing and now I'm told I must wait another year for that to happen, I feel that people could actually die waiting for their Social Security money and saddest part is that it is "OUR" money, we worked hard and paid into this system all our lives!!!!
    I am writing to my Senator and also to anyone else I can think of about this situation in hopes it may help.
    I haven't posted here in a very long time as I just don't have the strength or time to use my computer anymore because I must always be thinking of ways to keep a roof over my head!
  7. charlenef

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    i truely wish you guys all the luck in world for your next hearring.thanks for your replies charlene