Social Stresses/CFIDS, Related?

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    Hi everyone, I have a question about the possible link of CFIDS and post-traumatic stress caused by social stressors. It doesn't seem that many of you post on here about what caused your chronic fatigue, its more about the hell that you feel from it and I don't blame you for posting it but for many of you is there any links of large amounts of post-traumatic stress that overwhelmed your body causing chronic fatigue as a end result? Post-traumatic stress I'm defining it as a scarring memory from a situation that is uncomfortable for you when you think about it, it can be about the controlling and over-powering over oneself, sort of how a girl would feel if she was raped and going back to the scene of a crime and seeing the rapist, I'm sorry for the comparison-I'm just trying to give you the picture. Anyways if someone had their fill of those type of experiences for ongoing several years could one get chronic fatigue from all the post-traumatic emotional stress? I'm pretty damn sure that I've got chronic fatigue from having a over-load of post-traumatic stress in my life for a continual amount of years, I was just wanting to hear if it seemed logical or not.


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    You are correct in your assumption. In fact that is the source of my CFIDS. Mine was gradual onset and I always felt it was somehow connected to my daughter's birth, or shortly thereafter. This week I finally figured it out when I was listing stressful times in my life.

    First my dad died when I was ten. Less than four years later my half-brother, who had been like a father to me died. There were other stresses in between. Then there is what happened on my daughter's first birthday. This was the beginning of a string of physical problems for me which included fatigue and stiffness after being in one position for more than a few minutes.

    Separation and divorce from my husband of 24 years was the cause of worsening of my symptoms which at the time were all thought to be psychological by my doctors, but not by my therapist and myself. Then in the summer of 2001 there was a series of stressful situations which followed a bout with anemia which had started my final fall into the depths of CFIDS.

    I had to stop working in September 2001 and was finally dx'd in December of that year. I also have FM and CMP, as well as NMH.

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    From my own experience and what I've seen, heard and researched, CFS usually is the result of either physical, psychological or chemical stress/trauma to the body.

    In my case, to make a long story short, an extended period of extreme physical and emotional stress led to a worsening of my health and ultimately debilitating CFS.

    From what I have read, IIRC, stress depletes the adrenal glands and can result in allergies and all sorts of problems.

    The vast majority of the people I know with CFS, got CFS after a period of some sort of stress, and then they either developed a terrible flu and never quite recovered, or had a more gradual onset like me with on and off again flu-like symptoms, etc.

    So, I can't see why post-traumatic stress wouldn't be a possible causitive factor for some people.

    Stress weakens the body, esp the immune system and makes us susceptible to illnesses, right?

    Jen F