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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AbbeyMae, Aug 4, 2006.

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    You deserve a crown for doing the work you do, a job that seems to be underpaid. You for sure did not deserve to be bashed like you were from a so-called FMS/CFS buddy.

    I believe this message board was designed to share and support others with the same DD's.

    This so-called buddy replied to your Thread/Post with such anger. No wonder her energy is limited. But it can't be too limited to take ones inventory and not her own.

    "Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!!!!", her quote read like this,"Well I always try to reply to posts on IC as I have it really badly, but someone has bumped this question that was posted in 2003. It really isn't fair to expect us to reply to 3 year old posts; we all have limited amount of energy."

    Who expected her to do anything, let alone post?

    She only validated herself once with one "I". who is "us" and "we". Does she have her own clique here that she is speaking for?

    "5" hours later on the same thread/post she replies again. "hmmmmmmmmmm .......", "I'd read all through this thread & began to reply before realizing that it was started 3 years ago. Like everyone else here, I have limited amount of energy that I can't afford to waste in this way. How does it help us to bump so many old posts? 13 wasn't it: People who want information on IC can use the search facility".

    This time "I" was used twice,("validation"). "Like everyone else here", "us", and People is like she is talking of others, or for others.

    Limited energy, but enough to be nasty and "type" two different posts on the same thread five hours apart.

    Oh MY Gosh--Am I missing something here?

    Love and hugs to you Socialworker,

    It did not make you look bad, but she sure did make herself look bad.


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  2. UnicornK

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    the subject matter is relevant. We can all use this information at any time.

    So keep bumping those posts, Socialworker! Those of us with energy will read them! LOL (Not trying to be nasty here, just funny. Please don't take it the wrong way.)

    God Bless.

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