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  1. Tunes

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    Hi everyone,

    Recently had blood work done and it indicated sodium was low. Doctor said to increase it. However, didn't say how .. without dumping a container of salt down my throat. Which I wouldn't do anyway!

    Any suggestions? Any certain foods high in sodium?

  2. Susan07

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    Several people on here add sea salt to their water. If you do a search you'll find quantities they use.
  3. PatPalmer

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    We need to have at least 1/4 tsp a day, (Not table salt) It`s a natural product which our bodies desperately crave to function properly & stay well.

    I fill a 2 ltr bottle daily for my water for the day and add 1/4 tsp Sea Salt to that. I also add Sea Salt to cooked foods just before serving so as not to destroy it`s chemical makeup. You can`t overdose as the body will eliminate what it doesn`t want.

    Love Pat.
  4. Tunes

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    Hello Susan and Pat,

    Thank you for replying to my Sodium question.

    We are about to go to Vit. World or GNC, (to replenish the supply of all we take) and I guess Sea Sault could be purchased in one of those? I will definitely get it. I've never seen it in any grocery store.

    In the meantime I will also do a search for it.

    Thank you again.

    Take care,

  5. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Be sure to get yourself some Flaxseed Oil if not already on it, can`t be totally well without using Oils too.

    Love Pat.
  6. herblady

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    it seems strange to me that your dr. didn't want to investigate further into your electolytes. sodium, potassium and chloride. they are crucial for fluid balance in the body and electrical conduction of the heart. but using the type of salt we eat, all of which is sodium chloride, no matter whether it is sea salt or from a salt mine. and chloride is an electrolyte, too, so to increase table salt seems to me might disturb the chloride level. this is some very important stuff, so that's why i think it's strange your dr. isn't checking into it further. did he do a urinalysis, too? any, it seems to me the best way to safely do this is to increase your intake of veggies. they naturally have small amounts of sodium in safe doses. cindi
  7. Seagull

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    and spicy brown mustard! And, the Del Monte Diced Tomatos and Onions. Yummm! Unfortunately, I have to limit my sodium greatly to keep my Meniere's under control, so cannot indulge in these much anymore. But, it sounds like you can really enjoy some of that good stuff. :)

  8. Tunes

    Tunes New Member

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you for the Flaxseed Oil information.

    I take Evening Primrose, have Flaxseed Oil, as well as Omega 3 Fish oil. Have my husband taking Omega 3's, related to his regime of pills for his prostate issues, together with several others in combination.

    Are these oils interchangeable, as to their beneficial qualities? Perhaps I should say, what the heck .. and use all three?

    Take care,
  9. Tunes

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    Hi Herblady,

    I'm relatively new here, so do I address people with their chosen names on here, or with your real name which I believe is Cindi?

    As for the "Strange" the doctor didn't want to investigate, he just asked me if I sweat a lot? Told him only when outside in high humidity, with any exertion. Then he said to increase my salt intake.

    Yes, he did a urinalysis.

    Now I'm beginning to wonder. He's been away for the last month and a half. When I finally got in touch with some of the office staff yesterday, I asked for a referral to the Urologist I made an appointment with (due to recurring infections and burning) going on for a long time, and asked that they fax a copy of the urinalysis report he received, to this Urologist. When last I saw the doctor, he said the urinalysis also showed blood in the urine, lower than some readings taken from other dtrs. lab reports, but said not to worry about it. Yesterday, they couldn't find any record in my file of the urinalysis report he originally said he had on me. While he's been away, the staff and nurse there, haven't been running a tight ship. Aren't there half the time. Even the answering service in annoyed with them.

    Anyway, receptionist there said she would call the lab where I went and have them send the report. Geeze .. would it be possible he was reading from the wrong lab report? What was consistent was the blood in the urine.

    Either way this little cookie crumbles, I know that I must see the Urologist.

    Thank you for your reply. Perhaps I should be more skeptical about what this doctor says. We'll be changing our Primary after the 26th of this month. We're not really happy with what we've experienced there thus far and his being away for a month and a half, has just been the icing on the cake for us.

  10. Tunes

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    Hi seagull,

    All you mentioned does sound good. I do like Mexican food, if not too spicy. Stomach can't handle a lot of things. Don't really like salt and if something is loaded with it, just can't eat it.

    My husband can eat hot salsa with chips, etc., until smoke comes out of his ears. I had guacamole (home made once and loved it) so I ordered it at this restaurant my husband took me to. First dip into it, and I was choking, coughing, turned beat red, drank ice water like it was going out of style. Heat and sting took quite a while to simmer down!! He sat across the table, laughing at me.

    Oh well .. live and learn I guess.

    Take care,
  11. herblady

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    blood in the urine is consistent with a urinary tract infection. if you are having them recurrently, you should see the urologist. and i would be really dissatisfied with that office staff. i'd report it to the dr. in person when he gets back. you can help yourself a good bit by taking cranberry juice two or three times a day. they sell the concentrate in the health food store. cindi
  12. Tunes

    Tunes New Member

    Hi Herblady,

    Today is the 14th, I just was about to finish a long reply to your message, and being a novice here, I some how lost the whole darn thing.

    I don't intend to let the doctor's staff "off any hook." Will be changing primary care doctor after I see him as well. I do have an appointment scheduled with a Urologist on Oct. 1st. In the meantime, am gathering up all previous urinalysis and blood work which has been done, to take to him. Which have indicated large and small blood in urine. Generally small, after a round of antibiotics, which do clear up the infections but not the blood.

    Recently have had something else crop up, "vulvodynia" which I've searched for on the internet. Antibiotics do not help this. It is suspected of being associated with Fibromyalgia, urinary tract, effecting connective tissues, which I have been diagnosed with in '02, but think I endured much for quite some time earlier, until it flattened me. It is one of several things, but we all have a mixed bag (it seems) of ailments.

    I live on the gulf coast of Florida, just above Tampa. Lets hope Isabel doesn't head toward us, and doesn't head toward anyone else either.

    I too, believe in Holistic herbs and vitamins. Just today went to Palm Harbor Health Foods Store, and purchased Primal Defense. "HSO Probiotic = Homestatic Soil Organisms", and Kidney Caps (Raw Kidney Concentrate) for help with the urinary tract. Tried to get NAG "glucosamine" (Not C but G) "amino sugar" as it is suppose to break down oxalate in the system which is harmful. I have been drinking Cranberry juice (kind not loaded with sugar) by the gallons it seems. Helps at times, other times does not. Marshmallow Tea is supposed to help the urinary tract as well. They didn't have that (but would try to find it and get it) nor the NAG.

    I absolutely believe in self-help, and am weary of doctors and all these antibiotics. Have also taken lots of acidopholus to keep any good bacteria alive, together with eating yogurt.

    Thank you so much for your help,
    Take care and wish you many days of comfort.
    P.S. You and your children are pretty. Pictures are nice. :)

  13. Tunes

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    Thank you for your message Achey. Before I had medical coverage and could not afford all kinds of tests, any test, the doctor I was seeing wanted me to have an IVP. Then said, that may lead to a Urologist.

    What this doctor had told me, was that there were large blood indications in my urine ("Off the scale"). (Whatever the scale may be?) He was really pushing for the IVP, but I could not afford it then without medicl insurance to help share the load. I told him that through my husband's newly acquired employer, I should have it by June or before. He then said, "you could be dead by June." I said, "well then I wouldn't have any pain anymore, would I?" There was nothing, but nothing, I could do. In the meantime he treated me with antibiotics, many times, as the infections have been recurring since June of 2002, when I was still in NY. The antibiotics always took care of the infection(s), yet there was still blood in urine but to a lesser degree.

    Back in 1993, when I went for a Mammogram, at what was called Wellness Center, they took a urine sample, did the dip stick thing and told me there was blood in the urine. They never indicted to investigate it and I didn't have infection at that time. Since that time up until 2002, I really didn't have problems with the infections, except on few, but seldom, occasions. Since June 2002, it's just been ongoing continually.

    I'm truly worried about the whole thing, and have lots of other things to hamper life (like most of us), but have to go through some of these tests I guess. I see a Urologist on Oct. 1st, and we'll see from there. I don't want biopsies, and invasive tests. Seems to me, there are other ways. I could handle an IVP I guess.

    More recently, another issue cropped up. Did a search and found "vulvodynia" which describes the exact burning I've been experiencing. It too, can "flare." I'm just weary of all of it and getting ground down to a tiny point. In the meantime, am trying to self-help with herbs and vitamins. It just seems like it's one thing after another.

    I hope I get the same answer as you have gotten. It sure would ease my mind. However, the infections have got to stop. I'm praying these infections haven't damaged the works, beyond repair.

    Take care & God Bless,