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    Has anyone been taking any soft tissue injections (mine are given in my hip tissue not a joint). In Nov my rhuemy said I had to cut back to 1 injection every 3 mos instead of every 2 mos. I am in the worse pain ever . . . how does anyone cope with this pain. I am in my mid 60's and have had this dd for 15 yrs. Any response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sharon45
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    I can usually handle pain . . . but, three yrs ago I had major surgery and flatlined in the recovery room (student anatheseologt error); then my husband had quad heart by-pass surgery; then my mom died from AD; my husband got cancer; then he had major (with rods and pins) back surgery.

    I'm usually a very confident, strong, upbeat person (an only child) who quit work to care for 5 parent figures (there was no one else).

    Ever since my husbands last surgery, I've been going down rapidly... horrific pain, fatique, fibro fog, depression.

    I'm seeing a counselor and I plan to get some PT, but right now I can hardly move or get motivated.
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    I have had injections in my hip in the past and recently had one...a few months ago, it helps for that area but not everywhere else and of course, it comes back.

    Another thing that has helped me is the Lidoderm patch...ask your doctor about them, they are wonderful. You can't wear them 24/7 but they get rid of pain pretty well in the specific area. I've had horrific 'girdle' pain this past week and found the most painful areas and put them on and it really helped. The muscles had pulled me into a letter C shape and I've already got a nasty curve from scoliosis so I have a lot of spasms at times. I suffered for a few days of trying ice/heat, lotions and potions before I remembered the patches! I'm still in a bit of pain that my regular meds are helping, and I can at least straighten up and move about.

    Sounds like you've got a lot to deal with, hope you get some relief.


    PS Hey Jam!!!

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