soft tissue wasting at joints

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    Does anyone else have soft tissue wasting at joints. I have it at elbows, knees, wrists, ankles and at the lower spint it looks like someone stuck their finger in me 1/2in and it never bounced back. At the joints I have very deep pits and elongated fissures that you could loose several finger in. My upper chest is no longer fit for public viewing either because of the gaunt look. Am still at the 115 I've been at for years. All my weight goes to my waist so my limbs have always been abnormally thin and this makes them look like I'm starving fat bird. The odd thing is I have no loss of strength so it is soft tissus not muscle. This came on rapidly but doesnt seem to be getting any worse. Looked everywhere but the only thing I came up with was some sort of wasting for aids patients. Perhaps I should use other words instead of wasting and athropy.
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    I am not sure it is the same thing but I crushed both of my sub-tabar joints in my ankles. My problems are only in my ankles and two particual tendons that go to the ankle. They are not sure why or how I could snap the same two tendons and crush the same two joints in each ankle in the span to two years. I ended up having three surgeries in two years and I am still having problem with one ankle.

    Have you been to the doctor? This is something that he/she needs to see.
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    The rheum said it was loss of soft tissue and doesnt have a clue. It doesnt seem to be inhibiting any function but that starving prisioner look at the joints is a little unnerving. She is supposedly looking over all the miles of history I dumped on her so we shall see. I was hoping someone here might have some experience to add.
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    I am so glad I am not alone with my wierd looking ankles, wrists and hips. My family has always made fun of my feet and I don't think I have ever seen toes so scrawney. My hands look like a skeleton with skin and you can see every little tendon holding it all together. My butt gorges in (I call them my butt dimples) but I think its just a family thing since none of us have butts anyhow...You are not alone. None of my doctors have ever been concerned because it is just part of my hypermobility syndrome, thinness (105lbs 5'5), and genes. I feel your pain though when leggings look like wide leg pants and your arms just kinda disapear into any shirts? Is your neck like this too? The area above my colar bones caves in too. I wish there was an easy treatment where we just lay on something and they spin us around and all our body fat from the trunk of our body moves to the limbs. Invention time?? ;c)

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