SOFY: Amino Acid supplement for HGH

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    Hi, Sofy! Sorry, I didn't see your question in Shazzy's HGH post until now. The stuff I use is called "Custom Amino Acid Base" made by Metabolic Maintenance Products, Inc.

    If your IGF-1 levels are low but your pituitary is still responsive and capable of making its own HGH, this stuff is supposed to provide the nutrients to help it along. I buy mine directly from my doctor, but if you have a problem locating this product, you can e-mail me (see e-mail address in bio) and I can tell you where to get it.

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    Thanks for responding. Tried to look this up but couldnt get an ingredient list. Im stuck for the next two monts with the product I have anyway but will check this out when I get low if I havnt had the miracle cure by then.
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