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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gumama, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. gumama

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    I am a dog owner... BUT..!!!!!!!!.. every state has a noise law.. I can tell you that most Police Depts won't bother with your complaint. BUT the ANIMAL CONTROL will.

    We had new neighbors move in next door and they have 5 yes I said 5 BIG BOXERS.. who broke into my house through my sliding screen door....the next weekend they were all on their hind feet at my doors...

    They too barked all hours of the day and night.. I contacted Animal Control and they came and also gave them a letter saying that the dogs HAD to be quiet from 10 at night until 6 in the morning...they are given 48 hours to comply.. then the FINES begin and they are $400.00 for each dog...

    You DON'T have to put up with inconsiderate neigbors who as someone else said. can't even hear their OWN dogs barking...

    hope this helps and you get some rest.. I know what its like to have a dog bark all night next to your bedroom window.. GRRRR

  2. ksp56

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    I suggested in another post, the very same. Animal Control is the agency that needs to be contacted. Where we live, there is a contact for the city, and one for the county.

    Police shrug the complaints off. Officers with animal control, are usually very helpful. They should file complaints and deal with the owners.

    I love my pets, but would never be as inconsiderate as many are.

    Hoping the right help is found...

  3. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I have barking dogs we have tried everything.I do not put mine out until after 9:30 in the morning and bring them in after 9:30 at night.We have a large fenced yard .They are mini doxys and they bark at anyone coming around my yard.They are very sweet dogs, but dogs bark.If someone is snopping around I like that they bark.

    I have one neighbor who complains all the time but she says they are out all day barking thats not true .I do not leave them out all day.

    If anyone can tell me how to stop their barking I'd do it as long as it doesn't hurt my dogs.I used a coller that would shock them when they bark and I felt terrible when it burn a hole in my dogs neck. I did not know they would do that.They should be illegal.
  4. ksp56

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    I love doxies! They are talkative little creatures! lol

    Is there a way you can bring them in more and not have them outside for 12 hours? That might give your neighbors enough of a break and a win/win solution for all parties!

    We have dogs also. They are inside more than not. We do make sure they get their exercise! So I can get mine! LOL They like it better when others walk them. My stamina isn't as good as theirs!

    Our neighbors 2 labs barked at us everytime we were outside. We hoped they'd get use to us, but to no avail. We never complained, but someone must have. They are inside as much as they are outside.

    Just a suggestion!

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  5. Bambi

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    known to be "yappers". Mine are no exception. They're in 99% of the time but when they go out they do bark. I go and make them stop and if they don't I have a water spray bottle that I only have to show them.

    I am the ONLY person in the neighborhood that goes and tells my dogs to be quiet though. I have NEVER heard another person even TRY to stop their dogs, and most of those are out all the time. Luckily my house is extra well insulated so I can't hear it from indoors.

    I agree that a friendly suggestion to a neighbor is better than reporting them. Unfortunately you could be bringing down bad things on your own pets by sick people and there are plenty of those these days. But even if it's just a mad neighbor I don't want any.

    The Dog Whisperer is a good idea. He's on several times a week at various hours and I think you can even email him on his website. I am a little hesitant about the citronella
    because I read somewhere it is poisonous to dogs. Could be wrong. I've heard of the collars though. The electiric ones did the same sores on my Danes I had and I tossed them.

    It takes some effort and time to get a dog to not bark at the moon and some just don't seem to care or even hear it. I would go talk to the owners first though. JMHO! Bambi
  6. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I would never let them out for 12 hours lol
    They come in and out all day .Those are the time I start letting them out or bring them in for the night.

    I didn't make that clear.They are to small to leave out all day. they go out off and on when they go to the bathroom. Sorry that wasn't clear

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