Soma AND flexeril. Can U take both??

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    Happy ho-ho-ho's to ya! Hpe your having a great holiday.


    Flexeril is great at bed to help w/ sleep. I sleep almost all night and no AM groogies. BUT if I take it during the day for gosh awful back/neck spasms it has the same effect. I'll sleep all day.

    Soma, an the other hand, doesn't help as much with sleep, but is great during the day.

    I know my doc will say no to this,he always does...
    so I am asking all the nurses, ppl here in the know instead

    Can I take flexeril at 10:00pm @ bed..then use 1/2 Soma at 8-9:am and anohter 1/2 in the afternoon??

    I know some meds don't mix, but they're both muscle relaxers...

    Tahnks for your advice!!
    Warm fuzzies
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    Your message caught my eye/ I am a retired,inactive RN. who has dealt with muscle spasms, etc. in the past. It seems to me you are going to really confuse your system with that routine. I have found that taking Skelaxin (a newer musc.relax. that does not have as severe side effects) 1 twice a day to be a much better answer for the spasms/tightness. In fact, I took both of my doses in pm. for a while - one at suppertime/one at bedtime, and had enough carryover during the day to do the job well. Yes, it is much more expensive. The product info states that the full dosage of Skel. is 2 tabs. 4Xs./da.,and I knew a lady who started out on the full dosage and was on the job every day. One thing to remember is that taking a med. routinely at the same dosage will let your body adjust to it better and side effects will be less after 2-3 days if you stay on the routine. Hope I have been of some help. I'll keep checking in. Have a blessed Christmas!
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    I take Soma and Flexeril - the work a little different and I find that of the two Soma is the most helpful. I can take 2 soma's a day and on Flexeril... I save them all for night so that I can sleep a little... they do make you feel a little loopy but it really does help me go to sleep and relax my muscles enough to forget about my pain enough to sleep.

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    Hi Echo:
    Am I understanding that you take 2 soma's and flexirel before bed at one time?
    thank you
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    Yes, I take the two somas I get a day and one Flexeril at bed time... it seems to be the best combo I've found to helping me sleep. The doc perscibed sleeping pills too but they don't seem to work at all buy them selves so I only take them if I'm having a really bad night and I skip the flexeril and take the Soma's and the Sleeping pills instead.


    P.S. Keep in mind that I've been on these for a long time (3 years) and also way 250lbs so I have a pretty high tolerance for them now.
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