Somatoform Disorder vs. Fibromyalgia

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    Can anyone tell me what the difference is? My girlfriend was sent for an IME by Broadspire as she is fighting for Long term disability benefits which were cut off. Her primary doctor and treating rheumatologist both diagnosed her with this for the last 2 years, a severe case. Now this rheum who did this, says it is not classic fibromyalgia but rather Somatoform disorder. We believe that the IME was a sham to support Broadspire's denial, even though this doctor was supposed to be well versed in Fibro. He also stated that she can do her sedentary job with no restrictions. What a shom. Can anyone shed light on the difference. It sounds the same.
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    When I was first trying to find out what was wrong with me, my doctor sent me to a psychiatrist who pronounced that I was "somatizing Fibromyalgia-like symptoms".

    In other words, like so many doctors still want to do, he figured it was all "in my head" and I needed treatment such as psychoanalytical.

    My GP thankfully dismissed this diagnosis and eventually I received a dx of FMS and CFS.

    When some doctors don't know what is wrong, when it doesn't fit into a box they are comfortable with, it is so much easier for them to claim it is a psychological problem. Puts the ball back in our court.

    I would suggest a second/third..... opinion.

    FMs and CFS and now add Lyme disease are such hard to pinpoint illnesses that we ahve to do a lot of our own research. We can't count on the medical profession in many instances.

    Keep looking,

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    Bumping for more input

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